New here! Time to make a game


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VPL Member
Jun 8, 2023
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Hey everyone! I hope I’m not late to the virtual pet sim game-making scene :) It’s been a passion of mine for 15+ years, since my days playing... let’s see... Howrse, Neopets, Furry Paws, and a caboodle of smaller canine and equine sim games that may have died out. These days, I’m enjoying the slower pace of Flying For Home and some occasional RPing (used to be heavily into forum-based RPs).

After the usual litany of failed starts, it’s about time I pushed a game to the alpha stage! Even started a devlog for it, which I hope to share on VPL.

Besides VPL and TheGamingList (you can find me there too), where else do pet sim enthusiasts congregate? Have people been migrating to Discord or mainstream social media?