New Virtual Pet Site looking for Alpha Tester/Staff


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Sep 20, 2021
More info can be found on the started Discord

The end goal is a Pet collection site, with an RPG flare, but, the sky is the limit (or, rather the skill of our main coder, or any new coders hired in to help)

There is a baby Alpha site up, with things coded that will be slowly turn on as the staff gets settled in. Right now the goal is to test what is in place

There are open paid jobs, as well, I wasn't sure if it was best to post here or marketplace because of that. I'll repost over there if requested!

Any questions Discord is the best place to hit me up, but, you can message me here too I don't mind I just might not see it as fast!

Edit: Invite Code Testing, Go here to Register - I have an invite system live, accounts will require approval after registration but you do not have to join Discord, you can apply directly on the site but I still suggest you join the discord, simply because the news will be faster there as small updates go live.
Use invite code : XGQBM2

Code will expire in 30 days from 9/30/21 m if you are trying to join after that point invites may be closed, check with me or join the discord to see if invites are still open.
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Feb 7, 2020
What rpg like features will your pet site offer?

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