Nocturnal Games is looking to hire new pixel artists


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Feb 7, 2020
Nocturnal Games is looking new pixel artists for their upcoming RPG game, It’s just us.

Job info:

Pixel Artist. Our main requirement is that you have extensive experience in pixel art. You’ll be handling all assets that are pixels which include environmental and character assets.
  1. Animator. While there aren’t many animations in the game, understanding basic animations and how to animate will be required. We don’t expect you to be an expert but just have some experience.
  2. Horror and Mystery Themes. We expect you to understand how to create a horror atmosphere by having a strong understanding of color palettes. Our desired artist must be comfortable with creating more disturbing assets like blood covered furniture, etc..

    Source: Looking for Pixel Artist!

  3. If you’re interested, you can contact the owners via twitter or via email(
  4. JoAnna (A.K.A Moon) (@M00NP1ES) | Twitter
  5. Dev!Bird (It's Just Us) (@DeveloperBird) | Twitter

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