omg yall alive


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Mar 18, 2021
Seriously, what the heck lol

I've missed this place so much, I used to be here all the time looking for commission work! I probably went by bird previously.

The reason why I found VPL again is actually because I am working on a browser-based game of my own and I've got great info to share!

I know we'll get great support in this community :)

I have previously worked on the art team at Verpets.
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Thanks cpvr!! It's awesome to see VPL back and up again!

My partner and I got really into a species group called Wyngros and really enjoyed our time there. However we found a lot of the mechanics of the game very manual, as it was all done through moderators checking spreadsheets, and it was a very slow experience if you wanted to get anything mod-approved.

So we had the idea to adapt the idea, make our own species, and use a discord bot to handle these transactions--but it was still a lot of work. Hence us turning to a full site development instead :)

I hope we have more to show soon!