Origami Pet Site Idea - Seeking Help?


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Aug 20, 2020
So an idea I've always had kicking around in my head and the big one that's always stuck with me is something paper/origami themed for a pet site. Something vaguely based on the concept of folding magical sheets of paper that "turn" into an animal. It's a multi-stage or evolution type of thing, where the pet starts as an unfolded sheet of paper, the middle stage is the folded/origami stage, a middle stage that's half-paper/half-animal, and then the last stage is the "fully transformed" animal. Playing with ideas of stickers and paper-mache/pinatas also maybe? Inspiration from Paper Mario/Bug Fables? Vaguely tangentally including eastern and western zodiac creatures? I don't want to reveal too many details about it publicly just yet, but it's always been my dream to have a pet site and I figure now's as good a time as any to get started on it.

In terms of the actual UI/gameplay, it would start out browser based. I guess since flash player is dying this year, a lot of the game elements would be text or click-the-image based. I'd want a battle system for exploring and battling NPCs as well as a PVP battling system. item crafting. blacksmiths and item-enchanters. would be a very art-centric pet site allowing for users to contribute to the official site pet colours and upload their own customs. art and writing contests. seasonal/holiday events. the usual stuff, I think. I'd also want a breeding function for the pets, maybe some sort of combination of FlightRising's setup, where there's pre-set genes for markings/colours, and they kind of get randomized into the offspring; and the ability to have site artists make something special for you.

Anyway, I'm an artist who can definitely handle most or all of the art/design/graphics type stuff, but I would obviously need other people to do things like coding, create games, mods, etc etc. certclover.jpgrabbitorigami.png > rabbit.png > rabbitreal.png orrabbitcopy.png
Here's an example of where I started to go with the idea originally. I'd had an artist working on the project, paid them for a couple dozen art pieces, and then they dipped on me with only a few finished bases and a handful of messy sketches. I won't use this exact art or style, but you get the idea, I think.

Would anyone be interested in helping out with the project? The only caveat is that I'm unemployed for the foreseeable future so I don't have mad stacks to pay anyone in advance, but I thought I'd throw the idea out there just in case there's folk who are also interested in working on starting a pet site and might lend a hand for the sake of practice or building a portfolio. (That's also not to say I'm expecting a team of folk to just work for free indefinitely, obviously.)

Outside of direct help - what do you think of the idea/concept? I'm going to start getting serious about it and start working on the pet and item artwork within the next year, so ANY feedback, criticism, suggestions, etc are greatly appreciated.

I've played and worked for/with a lot of pet sites in the past, so I'd like to think I know how a lot of them work. I'm a Neopets, Cabbits, Aywas, Furvilla, Goatlings, and GaiaOnline breedable/changing pets veteran (and probably a lot more I've forgotten). I've seen sites rise in popularity and quickly die. I'd be aiming to, after the site's launched, integrate it into a mobile game as well.
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