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Feb 24, 2020
United States
Oripets is a Virtual Pet Site created in the vein of traditional pet sites but brought to a modern audience. Explore the world of oripets, collect, trade, create, and engage in the community.
Oripets - Virtual Pet Site


Oripets come in a variety of species and colors to raise and take care of.



Oripets can be happy, sad, or angry and have basic needs you need to take care of them with. Feed them and play with them keeping in mind their likes and preferences. They also have basic hygiene need and can be smelly or sparkly clean.


Pet Pages
Each pet has their own web page you can edit and customize for them.


Each oripet can have their own pet to take care of as well building a relationship with each of them and being able to chat with them.


Explore the World
Explore the world visiting different shops and other places of interest. Collect different items and experience the world with your active Oripet!


Oripets has been in development for a while with a lot of core features already complete and ready to go but is not yet open to the public.
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Nice artwork. Good luck with releasing your site. Maybe you can work something out with @cpvr to get a banner on VPL when you're ready to launch.

When do you plan on opening to the public?

I'm not sure on an exact opening date right now. Part of that would be deciding on what all needs to be done for a public release. We have started letting some people in a closed basis and will probably open up to others soon on a still closed bases for some continued testing and feedback on the state of things.

We have a lot already done, you can get a pet, they have needs, stats, and can be taken care of, they have preferences, description, pet pages, their own pets. There are multiple mini games, a few areas of the world to explore including shops and different dailies, some temp art for some of it, but lots of done areas too. You can make shops or galleries with options to upgrade them, and style them with css. There is a bank, a method to abandon and adopt pets, a messenger and forum system, random events, and other details I have added already.

I still have a lot of long term plans, some that will definitely be more a Phase 2 release, but other things that I would consider more core including basic questing, settings for your notifications, user contest systems, treasure maps, etc...
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Please keep us updated. I'm interested in seeing your progress, you've done a good job so far.

If you need a coder lmk. I may be available for some side jobs. You can check out my site at www.poker.community. It's powered by MyBB, but i've customized the site a lot. I've been coding in PHP for several years, college dropout. I first got into programming when I built a virtual pet site when I was younger, I'll always love VPL for that, this is the the site that motivated me to build my own site/game.
It’s awesome to see a more realistic approach to the care of a virtual pet.

Especially with taking care of your pet’s emotions, basic needs and hygiene.

These responsibilities of taking care of a pet keeps players more attentive to their pet’s needs and it’s why Tamagotchi(virtual pets) became popular in the first place & I’m glad that Ovipets is focusing on the main foundation of virtual pets responsibilities.

I’m looking forward to hearing more about Oripets!