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Paladore Staff

Discussion in 'Virtual Pet Game Management' started by Toad, Feb 7, 2012.

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  1. As the previous thread was locked due to some issues, I open a new one to discuss Paladore Staff seeing that there has been issues with them.

    Take note: This thread is only to be used as a means to talk about the staff, issues that are at hand (lingering issues and present issues only, not the settled ones) and is no means a way to black mail certain people, used for the intention to change the opinion of people to turn away from the site and/or to destroy the site and its content.

    Please bear in mind that this thread should be used for the intention of shedding light to certain issues and to resolve those problems. That it is for the intention of helping the site improve. Please only post constructive posts and insignificant one-liners should be avoided at all times (such as talks of religion, who got the username first and/or deliberate name calling people just for smite).

    This is only a thread to discuss the staff in a serious and non-personal level. All personal issues should be brought to the privacy of the people involved.
  2. I'd like to recommend Ole to bring a staff meeting into place and possibly talk it over with his staff and set rules that aren't confusing. I think that's the main issue. Some rules contradict themselves, and even then, some of the staff doesn't know all of the rules and consults some of the members. Maybe have the staff on watch, and any staff members that cannot perform correctly are released?
  3. I'm only going to post here once, and I've got just this to say: Paladore's staff needs an overhaul. A very serious one. If Paladore is to be successful, changes must be made on all levels, so that moderators, users, and all other staff members are respectful of one-another, understanding of rules and consequences, and all being guided by the same principles. It needs to be purely business-based, not personal, so that everyone is on an equal footing, as well. As it is, Paladore's name is becoming quite synonymous with "drama," and the only way that this is going to be fixed is if the staff members /change/ or /are replaced/.
  4. Personally I think what is needed is for Ole to hire a second in command to help deal with these issues. Ole has a hard time as it is to take care of all this alone. The Staff needs an overhaul and Ole is gonna need help with it.
  5. I would like to say that as an outside user who isn't a part of Paladore, I'm honestly sort of chased away/apprehensive about even joining that site because of all the things I have heard and seen in the way that it is run and the staff handle things -- even here on VPL. I think something needs to be done to present a more professional, collected way of dealing with user issues on that site. While the Internet and its denizens tend to blow things out of proportion quite a lot of the time, where there's smoke, there is usually fire. Even if the issues with Paladore's staff aren't as bad as people make them out to be, even half as much drama and unprofessionalism that I've seen is not desirable in any kind of site, and it's definitely keeping me away.

    However, even saying that, I don't know if anyone on Paladore staff would even care for the opinion of someone like me (i.e., not a part of the site, as well as the sentiment I've seen expressed that they show very little desire to retain dissatisfied users).
  6. Did Toxic really get banned because of her post in here?... o.o
    On the other hand, I personally like the staff. :) I don't think anything needs to be changed. Maybe some other staff don't cooperate, I don't know all of that. I just trust Ole and to choose his staff appropriately. :)
  7. Paladore staff has all rights to post all of my conversations with them to the public, including PMs and user tickets. I would post them myself, but I have no access to my PMs on Paladore. Alex has recently mentioned how Toad only knows one side of the story, so I want to hear the other side.
  8. I too would be interested in hearing the side that moderator Alex says we (Vel, me, and all of his friends) are so called "missing". Because honestly, I was there the entire time he was and saw every message from staff that he sent and received. He screenshot several of them for us to read the entire convo, so I'm having a hard time seeing how we "missed" things unless staff has just kept their side a secret. I'd be interested in hearing what they really have to say...

    "As for the issue of lies and slander, I have personally seen a ton of that."

    " Screen shots mean nothing if taken out of context. I assume you are talking about a screen shot one of your friends has of Keith and I explaining why [read: making snarky, inflammatory comments on the issue without being prompted to] the mini-bosses where changed?"

    "I will say again, we are volunteers on this site, which is free to play. You have absolutely no right to treat us badly and expect us to just take it in the name of being professional."

    Recent quotes from staff I disagree with on the issues going on.

    In general, I think Ole needs to decide how he wants his staff to act. Are they to be held to a standard of professionalism? If Ole wants his staff to stay in check, loose cannons with opinions like "you have no right to expect us to act professional if you treat us badly" need to be corrected or dismissed. If he doesn't care to hold them to that level of professionalism for HIS business, I will be glad that I've basically left the site already.

    New staff could be hired and tested out too - getting fresh staff members who users don't have any negative opinions about may be a pretty good idea...
    #8 G0D, Feb 8, 2012
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2012
  9. Advice for staff? Don't lie to your userbase.

    I was all like "Hey, they actually have a decent staff member!" When I saw how Alex was handling the situation until he contradicted himself and then stirred up a bit of drama by trying to hint at foul play.

    Unless I totally misread this...see below.


  10. Wait... Everyone knows that Lee is head mod so... What is Alex playing at?
  11. Phew, glad to see I wasn't the only one who thought as much.

    I was half wondering if I was totally misreading what he was saying.

    I have no idea why one would go back and contradict that and start hinting at some unknown person doing something bad about...what...telling someone she was lead mod?

    I am confused.
  12. @AddictionAddiction
    I believe Vel was told by Lee herself at one point that she was head mod of the site. Maybe she got demoted or something since then, but I have a feeling there's quite a lot that staff keep secret from us and expect us not to catch onto or ask about.

    Vel and I STILL would like to know what prompted the staff to just change his 7 day jailing to a permanent ban without even telling him what he did during his 3-4 days of jailing that caused it. The fact that he still doesn't know and staff haven't told him or anyone, is also kind of suspicious...
    #12 G0D, Feb 8, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  13. How can one generate a valid opinion on the issue without having seen the problem firsthand?
  14. Interesting that Validity is a new member and the first post they make is in this thread with a comment which contains veiled disdain for those posting here about the situation with Velxeor.... hmmm.
  15. I felt that it would behoove your deliberation to have another perpective. My apologies.
    I just question the reasoning behind inserting one's opinion on a matter one has not experienced. What weight does the pontification of one's opinion hold when said person has yet to directly expose his or her self to the matter at hand?
  16. Because it's not only the issues that affects the site, but also the image that the site is getting. It's not a positive image really. The most I've heard about paladore is how it's becoming horrible and possibly becoming the new neopets
  17. @ValidityValidity: When that particular perspective, however, is not conducive the discussion at hand, I feel that it is rather suspicious to contribute when it seems unlikely that your presence here is truly for the sake of VPL, but rather bringing an opinion which already seems heavily biased towards Paladore's well-being.

    That being said, I do admit that I know Velxeor personally and have heard/read his side of the story. However, I have also seen the responses from Paladore's staff on the issues, as well as investigated the site itself, firsthand. What I have witnessed does not exactly encourage me to be supportive or interested in their business/franchise/products -- which, of course, is the original purpose of this discussion. Opinion on Paladore's staff, not the situation specifically with Velxeor (although that does have some bearing, considering it is a very prominent example of why I would not want to participate in the site).
    #17 tayzer, Feb 8, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  18. How can said image become favorable if it is constantly demeaned by those who have yet to gain a true awareness to the situation?

    @tayzertayzer How is my opinion not conducive to the discussion at hand? If my observations are correct, this discussion is regarding the "problems" surrounding Paladore staff. I am simply questioning one's true motives when commenting on said issue, if that person has not yet experienced the matter for themselves. I did not bring Velxeor into this conversation whatsoever.
    #18 Validity, Feb 8, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  19. @ValidityValidity: Considering those who have every ability to improve the image that Paladore wishes to portray have not, there has been no reason for me to change my view or opinion based on what has been presented. Of course, if more information, evidence, and experience arises to change my opinion, then so be it. I find it unlikely, at this point, that it will happen, since Paladore's staff has already responded to several of the complaints proposed by its users even here on VPL, and their reactions were not to my personal taste.

    edit: My mistake, then. I assumed you were referring to Velxeor's situation, considering it had been most recently brought up within the topic. When you mentioned "not seeing the problem first hand", I believed the "problem" you referred to was Velxeor's issues with the site. I've already described the things I've witnessed which encourage my doubting opinion of Paladore's staff's ability.
    #19 tayzer, Feb 8, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  20. Yeah I was more than willing to stay out of this until I heard some rather discouraging issues going on where staff continue to blame me for things I had nothing to do with.
    (Like I said, it's discouraging. Because I already asked for it to stop the first time it was brought to my attention a couple days ago.)

    Now people are being told that Lee isn't Head Mod? Unless there were some staff changes recently, she was/is indeed Head of the Moderator Department and User Administrator. Ole himself said this, Lee herself said this... why are users being told differently?

    I really just want to see this matter professionally and honestly taken care of.

    Again, I'm not upset, but very disappointed and discouraged at this point.​
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