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Pet Site Vs Sim Site - Both Games Explained

Discussion in 'SIMs Chat' started by Gabby, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. Something I'm really tired of hearing is how a pet site and a SIM site are different.

    Yeah, maybe one is more realistic than the other, but they still follow the same concept - a browser based game with a community, artwork, coding, writing, etc. Just presented with different ideas.

    Why do people feel like SIMs are different than pet sites? (information from

    I can name legitimate SIMS that are like that!

    I've still been on pet sites AND SIMs that incorporate both ideas.

    I still don't even see how that's true, either. You can use a SIM game and incorporate apparent 'pet site' traits.

    Could someone here explain to me in a logical answer particularly how they're different? Because it outrages me to hear this ignorance.
    As I told @cpvr today, calling a SIM game different from a pet site is like saying a person's skin color makes them less of a person.

    I would really love to see more people on both sides of the spectrum accept these sites more cumulatively. But until then, we need to face why we segregate the two.
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  2. what neccesarily classifies a site as a SIM site, is sim short for simulation? lol i feel like a dork for asking...
  3. LMAO! Yeah, SIM is short for simulation
  4. i hope someone can elaborate them what the difference is cuz im still lost, i would assume SIM sites are Pet sites lol
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  5. @ToongearsToongears and the information I found is really useless.

    #5 Gabby, Jun 18, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  6. I actually think the same way as well.

    I don't have the correct words to put in though, but are pet sites themselves a simulation? Simulation games are supposed to be games that represent or stimulate something from real life. In this case, pets or caring for pets. Isn't the word 'SIMs' just a short way to call simulation? If that's the case, there should be no different between pet sites and this so-called 'SIMS'.

    I just thought 'SIMs' was some fancy category of pet games, but when I played various ones they just felt the same. :\
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  7. @vanillaeclairvanillaeclair @ToongearsToongears Some more information I found-

    #7 Gabby, Jun 18, 2012
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  8. To me, a pet site is just one category of sim sites (pet sites are simulating taking care of a pet, heh.) I don't really see what the big deal is :p
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  9. Pet sites are not sims. They don't really simulate caring for pet because the whole caring for pets part is commonly optional. When was the last time to went to neopets and said to your self "first thing I better do is feed and play with my pet!". In most pet sites there is NO penalty for ignoring your pet. More users care about customizing pets then really caring for them and some player ignore their pets completely in favor for other parts of the site. While yes pet site should be about virtual pets they really are not when you get down to it. The name is more ironic then facial. They may have started out trying to be about owning virtual pets but they really kinda don't do that.

    Here is the thing while your counter point is pet sites are simulating taking care of a pet there really is no benefit to it. In contrast playing a sim were you have to care for your pets so you can do mainly pet related things such as contests, shows and breeding. Sim focus more on the pet in a ironic way then pet sites.

    Take a pet site that forces you to take care of your pet or they will block you from some features. Compare to a sim were you activly want to keep your pet maintained because it ties in to the features as apposed to being some thing keeping you from playing the game. Hell some pet site and pet site player here have openly stated caring for your pet is the most pointless part of pet sites. Some players even suggest removing feeding.

    Neurogalaxy I have yet to find a reason to feed or play with my pets and I don't even think they have hunger/mood meter. I have sent the bulk of the site never doing either without any effect.

    In my opinion there like apple and oranges.


    I'd like to point out that these things are all common to almost every online game browser or not. While your at it by your logic pet sites are rpgs since %80 have battling and leveling up. See how that works it's not black and white pet sites are their own genre and should be treated as such. It has many aspects and features of different genres but you can't fairly label it a single type of game because it would be untrue.

    It's like fitting a square block in a hole meant for a circle.
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  10. Pet sites ARE sim sites! Sim is short for simulation, which is basically means 'fake' or 'almost real'. Virtual isn't far off from this definition. Petsites are SIMULATING what it's like to have a pet, and take care of a pet in essence. All petsites are simulation sites or sim sites. Not all sim sites are petsites.
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  11. I think simulation tries to stay as close to real physics/variables/possible scenarios etc. In reality, we don't have to travel to a world of ice to grab an ice cream, and I don't know of anyone who actually feeds their pets ice creams any way.

    However, if you have a horse, have to build stables, feed the correct food, realistic locations etc. I would consider that a sim.
    #11 myrianna, Jun 18, 2012
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2012
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  12. I know full well what simulation means. I'm going to assume you didn't read any thing I said. For what your saying to be true you would have to generalize simulation any thing the barely mimic a real world act for that to be true.

    Pet site don't really simulate what it's like to have a pet. You feed them and play with and after that it's a matter of the site. To imply a pet site simulates what it's like to have a pet you have to imply some sort of responsibility. I don't see that in every "pet sites" because many are consequence free. People play games to escape reality and that's what common pet sites are all the fun of owning a pet without the responsibility. Some sites pets die, some site pets have sad faces and some lock features if you don't but for every one of those there is a site were your pet has not eaten in 4 months and is suicidally unhappy.

    To me also being a sim fan pet site are very different from from sims I can't really find my self treating them like they're in the same class. It's like saying a etch-a-sketch is a art photoshop program because you can make pictures on it.

    If you can prove all the sites here meet the bare minimum of caring for a pet I agree your 100% right.
  13. To define a simulation of ANY kind (such as flight training simulator, etc, not just simulation game):
    "Simulation is the imitation of the operation of a real-world process or system over time."

    I'd also like to quote this:
    "A simulation game attempts to replicate various activities in "real life" in the form of a game for various purposes: training, analysis, or prediction."

    A simulation game is one that stayed true to real life and simulated something that CAN happen but that you may not have access to. For example, I have neither the money nor ability to start breeding and showing dogs. But on Furry-Paws, I can simulate that. I also cannot become a world famous football player overnight, but on Fifa for Xbox or PS3 I can simulate that.

    Whereas with a virtual pet site, I will never actually own a Lupe and paint it Maraquan so I am not really simulating anything. I am playing with an imaginary made up animal.

    To use some other examples:
    The Sims (PC game) is a simulation. You create a sim and get a job, and eat and pee and try not to die in a fire.
    World of Warcraft (PC game) is NOT a simulation even though you still create a character and play with it. Because you can't actually go outside and ride lions into battle.

    Please feel free to continue arguing that virtual pet games and simulation games are the same thing.
    #13 Loomi, Jun 18, 2012
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2012
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  14. Not really, show me features that make them the same. SIM games have a lot of simulation-based features, and pet sites do not. Do sim games have world maps? Does SIM games have pet features? Sure, some might, so they can attract pet gamers - but saying they're the same is like saying Google and Apple are the same.

    The only thing that makes them the "Same" is the genre that they're both in, which is the virtual worlds community, thus, they have the same description of a game - but they're not so alike.

    New SIM games come out of development, or are in development usually ask users to "pay for account" to beta test, aye? Pet sites don't do that, they rely on their cash shop and sometimes, advertisements. SIM owners are out to get money, even if their site isn't fully developed. And plus, what's the biggest SIM game? Who's the leader in the SIM game niche? Do they have more online that the biggest pet sites? If not, then they still have a lot more work to do, but saying they're the same, is quite ridiculous because they're two different type of games.

    But, then again, pet sites have a lot of good art, how about the SIM games? And what features actually make a sim game a "sim game", to begin with? I'd love to know what features they have that pet sites do not.

    The only thing simulating I see on pet sites is the battle systems, or exploring for pets system.
    What type of features have SIM owners created to help them branch out?
    #14 cpvr, Jun 18, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
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  15. @CorsairCorsair - It doesn't matter how accurately simulated a petsite is. Even the name 'Pet site' give you the idea it's about pets, which is a real life experience.
    @cpvrcpvr - You're missing my point. Okay take two sites for example. Aywas and KittenTracks. KittenTracks is considered a Sim, where as Aywas is a petsite. Both sites can breed, and own pets. Both sites have shops, you can buy items, etc. There are a hundred more similarities if I got into it. While not all petsites are 'realistic' they are still just as much a simulation site as horseland where you can own a thousand horses. Simulation sites are a category, and then petsites fall under that category.
    #15 Avalanche, Jun 18, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
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  16. I see your point, but that doesn't make them a "pet site" still. World of Warcraft has pets in their game, should they be considered a "pets" sites as well? From what I gather, both genres have "similar" features, different layouts, and a different user base. Sim users come all across the globe, same with Petsites, and sometimes when a sims player comes on board to a pet site, they might be confused, because things are different.

    Then you also have Hobowars that has a "pets" system, but they're an RPG game, would that fall into your category of being a pet site, since, you think all these games are the same? They're not, but they're in the same class of any type of game = virtual worlds.

    Anyways, what is the biggest SIM game out there currently? How many users online does it retain?

    Also, do SIM games have "world" maps like some pet sites to, or is basically just text leading you to other features of the site?

    Anyways, that one example really wasn't telling me much - deep deeper into the sim's features, and then tell us, if other pet sites have those features or not.
    #16 cpvr, Jun 18, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  17. Merp.. @cpvr, I love you, but I'm about to put a huge rip in your logic.

    We're talking about browser based games. Games coded from php that need to be accessed traditionally through a web browser. World of Warcraft can suck my dingdong. Not only is it a fine product from a large entertainment corporation worth $$$, but it's a MMORPG for a reason - it's practically a video game. You say
    I can't speak for everyone, but I can definitely speak for myself - you're wrong. When I join pet sites after SIM sites, I'm immediately thinking - "seriously? Why the hell are they considered different?" I don't get the sense of confusion you're talking about, and it's not because I've braced myself for pet sites. Honestly, my experience in both has a lot of room to grow, which is even more of a reason why your argument there is flawed. My knowledge in both is very limited.

    For instance, I can't speak for Hobowars, as I've never played it (I will later today to support my argument here), but I will point out that you're wrong to attack them for this one simple key word: "PETS SYSTEM." A pets system can be anything. It can be mutated monstrous fish. It can be regular fish. It can be a damn zebra. It doesn't matter. They're all pets. Would you consider a huge monster that looks like Godzilla's poop a pet that you would have in real life? NO, but on the internet, in the virtual world, you call it a 'pet.'


    So a pet like a cat, that people own in real life, would no longer be a pet in the internet world - it's a SIM? Hm. Explain to me that one.

    That annoys me a lot. The way you word it with such separation from your virtual pet world is wrong. SIMs have no reason to be treated that way, so let's not make this one a Israeli-Palestinian conflict, okay?
    To answer your question, however, I would have to say it's a draw between and I don't know how much HL retains by the hour, but each time I've logged in recently there were at least 100 players online. To add, HL had its own show for a while. The show gave such an inaccurate reputation of the game, it was seriously easy to compare it to Neopets. But even as I'm saying just that, I'm thinking of all the other SIMs that have followed suit. If we continue to separate the two so harshly, there will be no way for SIMs to survive at all. If they aren't allowed where pet sites are, do you really think they are going to survive as competition?
    ( usually has 60-100 members online every hour, but I don't track it meticulously, so my data is probably wrong.)

    ALL (18 of them) SIMs I've been on have maps! Even the ones in developments. What type of ignorant statement was that one?
    #17 Gabby, Jun 18, 2012
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2012
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  18. @GabbyGabby
    With that being said, pet games are a lot bigger than your average "SIM games", which means, pet site owners have better marketing skills that the other genre, and plus, I agree, both are in the same field - but I wouldn't exactly call a SIM game, a pet site, perse, its just another virtual world. - Which means, you can introduce anything into your game to make it better.

    I've been seeing new features that were "on" sim games - such as, farming, digging, mining, and things like that. Okay, so what do you think made SIM games famous then? All the simulation features that they have? Ya, I'm well aware of Furry Paws, they're also going through a revamp currently - which means, most of their scripts have been recoded to run faster and such.

    The way I see it, SIM game owners are "Virtual world owners" just like pet site owners are - because each game, you have worlds to explore, and certain features to do.

    There is a reason why more people prefer pet sites than SIM games - don't you think so? Name a sim game that tops 500+ users online at all times - like Subeta, Marapets, Powerpets, and Neopets. Because other than that, I don't think any SIM game is competing against the pet sites that are out there right now - in fact, they could both learn from one another - in terms of users, learning the traffic, learning how to market, and creating features that create the "Sticky" factor, such as, good features attract people, same with good art, mix them both in the same game, you'll have a quality game up and running.
    Sounds like you twisted my words on this one. They have a "pets system" that you can train your pet, feed it, etc, its just another feature to help them push over their competitors, and its a good idea at that.
    #18 cpvr, Jun 18, 2012
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  19. I think everyone is confused here in that the features do not matter. The outcome and basis of the game are what define a sim or a pet site.

    Exploring feature
    Explore the beach with your pet dog to find shells = SIM
    Explore the moon with your pet alien to find moon rocks = PET SITE
    Because it is 100% plausible that you could take your dog to the beach to collect shells, but 100% impossible to explore the moon with an alien.

    World map feature
    Map of an ordinary town with a bank, job center, and pet store = SIM
    Map of a village floating on a cloud with a bank, job centre, and pet store = PET SITE
    Because you can't actually live on a cloud but you can live in an ordinary town.

    Two sites could have the EXACT same features but if one is set in Normalville and the objective is breeding cats, and the other is set on Mars and the objective is collecting different coloured alien robots, the latter is NOT the same as the former. The first is a SIM because it simulates the operation of a real-world process or system. The second is a pet site because it does not imitate a real world process.

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  20. These 'SIMs' tend to have more in-depth ways of caring for your pet. Like, for example, Howrse. You have a stable, and you can do all kinds of things to take care of your pet. It is, literally, a simulation. You have to feed your horse, make sure it has tack and has been given water before you go off and train it, which it in turns, loses energey and other stats. At that point, you would have to let your horse rest, like a real horse would have to. Some SIMs are also directed towards one thing in particular. Wajas and gryffs, for example, are geared towards breeding.

    As for a petsite, I suppose they're a tad different. You can still adopt pets on petsites, but they're usually cartoony looking creatures. True, you have to feed them and play with them, but in most cases on petsites, that's all you have to do. They always have games and advertise their forums. A popular feature on petsite's like Neopets and Subeta, is making characters for pets and editing their descriptions-which most SIMs dont address.

    This isn't to say for EVERY site. But, for most of the ones that I've seen, this is the general case.
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