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  1. Monthly update!

    In the past month, we have added many new features, including the new Pet Adventure system, Pet Spotlight, and the new fossil feature! Come check out the new features today! With the addition of the fossil feature, we've also added a round of "Extinct" rarity animals; Thylacines, Quaggas, and Javan Tigers. To get your own fossils and attempt to resurrect them, you have to purchase a Research Center for 1,000 Zodiac Crystals; after purchasing, you can go fossil hunting by clicking pets around the site and perhaps coming across a random event to identify the fossil you have found!

    Along with the fossil feature comes the addition of the Pet Spotlight. Members can bid against each other for a placement for their pet on the sidebar of the site, allowing for quick clicks for eggs and more!

    Last but not least, we have added the Pet Adventure feature. You can now explore around the world of PA, save eggs and battle, find Zodiac Crystals, gather energy potions, and much more! Keep in mind this is the first and basic version of the Pet Adventure system, and we plan on adding tons of features to it very soon!

    You can also find Black Bear eggs in the Spooky Woods, but you better hurry! The Spooky Woods is a limited time exploration area, and will only be able to be explored until the last day of October - hunt for the Black Bear eggs while you can!

    We have also released a new Threatened pet, a Cheetah!

    Come check out the new features today!
  2. You guys should of included monthly traffic reports as well - that's pretty interesting for the users to say, oh, and, nice updates! :)
  3. CUTE OH MY GOD. ffff.

    seriously the art on your site makes my eyes bleed from how adorable it is.
    i think it's probably in my top favorites.

    also, this:



    oh and this:



    okay done editing my post.
    #3 que, Oct 16, 2011
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