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Pixel Art For Sale - Shops, Trees and More

Discussion in 'Completed art Transactions' started by picxia, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. These have now been sold - Thanks so much

    EDIT : Added 3 more large buildings.

    Hello again,

    I just came across these old Pixel Art Map images I had on my old server and thought I would add them for sale incase anyone has a use for them. I hate art being sat unused. I created these a few years ago for an unfinished project. I am happy to sell them individually or as a set.


    You will recieve high resolution transparent png files of each image:

    • Arcade
    • Gift Shop
    • 3 Trees
    • Coffee Shop (with Chair Sets)
    • Book Shop
    • Bakery
    • Ice Cream Parlour
    • Post Office (Red & White Stripes)
    • Hospital
    • Pet Shop
    • Bank or Town Hall
    • Cafe
    • Garden Centre
    • Large Map

    I have absolutely no idea how much something like this goes for so I am happy to accept $3 for each smaller building (the Coffee Shop includes the chair sets), $3 for the trees and $4 each for the larger buildings. The large Map sheet is $10. You can have the entire set for $50.

    If these prices are unreasonable please let me know :D

    Thank you so much for having a look.

    Victoria x (Picxia)
    #1 picxia, Feb 12, 2012
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2012
  2. You're talented! Awesome stuff!
  3. Thank you so so much Bexxy. I did these so long ago I'm not sure I would remember how to do them if I drew them today :D
  4. Wow, extremely beautiful stuff you have there. : )
    Hope it goes to someone who will use it. : 3
  5. Good luck selling, these are really lovely <3
  6. Aww, very cute ^^ Good luck selling :)
  7. Thanks so much guys. Do you think the price is okay? I'm totally new to this and I wouldn't want to charge too much x
  8. I built a flash MMORPG script once that would work perfect with these. Too bad I have no money (unless you count the $16 bid on my auction) :(
  9. How much for the three larger shops, the ones right above the big map?
  10. They are $4 each so $12 for all 3 - I also have some other larger building designs if you would be interested (I have added them onto the post) ??
  11. These are great! Do you offer commissions?
  12. WOW these are great! I hope to become this skilled in pixel art some day! I love your attention to detail (and those little table/chairs/umbrella out in front of that building and the garden shop!) :D

    You're waaayyy under priced in my opinion, but the market here sucks so I doubt you'll get what they're worth :c
  13. Oh my goodness, they're so precious~ X333
  14. Oh, wow, I love these!
    I wish I had your skills. o.o
  15. Those look great! I've always had a thing for pixel art!
  16. Wow... You're so talented!! ;D I hope to be like this one day ;D
  17. those are really pretty isometric buildings :) awesome job!

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