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  1. Do you keep cash money or debit cards?
  2. I have a debit card, but I prefer to have cash on me more than anything. I usually don't use my debit card often anymore (maybe because I'm out of money huh) unless I'm somewhere with not enough money to pay for it in cash, or if it's a big purchase of over $100. Which isn't that often either now xD
  3. I usually keep cash on me since I don't have a bank account, but my girlfriend does and has a debit card so we use that sometimes.
  4. I usually try to keep a $20 on me at all times, just in case, but I never spend it. I do almost everything through plastic.
  5. I love keeping cash on me. Esspessially change as I like the way it jingles when I have collected a few dollars worth. :D (I don't have a card, my friend does and she uses it all the time and spends tons. Using cash is a good way to help you save your money)
  6. It's important to have both, you never know when a store or restaurant may not take cards, and cash is also handy for buying delivery food, but cards are much more practical for larger purchases like buying groceries and furniture.
  7. I keep $20 on me just encase a card reader doesn't work. All large buys I put on my card.
  8. Same here.
  9. I usually try to have around $40 on me at all times, anything over $30 I will put on my card usually.
  10. I sometimes carry over $100, but I've noticed the more money I have in my pocket, the more I spend. Anyone else the same way?

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