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Jan 12, 2021
So I've seen things called ARPGs These are a little different since the way you play is by making art. Theres a lot on DeviantART but DA being the way it is and just refusing to listen to it's user base a lot of these groups have started to move to their own .coms

A REALLY good example of one of these is
It's based on a created race of creatures that inhabit a whole world.
I'm looking for mine to function something like that.

- Member login
- Member "dashboard" Where they can customize their "avatar" and information.
-Dashboard will display the Member's/Player's inventory.
Inventory's are were the items are added for members/players to use on the website.
This would need to be controlled by either an AI or by selected members of Staff on the game.
A "Shop" where virtual goods are able to be sold for IN GAME currency and USD. <<< This is the most important thing

Here are some images to explain a bit. Please keep in mind NONE of these images are owned by me or have any relation to what I want my game to look like.
These are all just screenshots to better explain.

Thanks! Look forward to hearing back from you!


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