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Project Wonderful

Discussion in 'Virtual Pet Game Management' started by PaulSonny, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. I am looking to start advertising BooPets at the end of February as we'll be coming out of beta round about then.

    I have seen Project Wonderful bounced around VPL as a way to advertise but I struggle to understand how to successfully advertise through them and also how I could/would measure how successful it has been/is.

    Can someone perhaps offer some insight or perhaps offer advice on other advertising platforms?

    Regards, Paul.
  2. I am planning to stop using project wonderful and find an alternative advertising. I am not satisfied with their methods. Unlike with other advertising companies the ads stays up 100 per cent of the time whereas with project wonderful, only advertiser will bid on the cost you ask for lowest as 0.05p per click per day. Most bidders will bid average ads for couple of days and you will likely to have empty ad boxes if nobody bids on it. I have seen other sites with empty ad boxes.
  3. Sorry I should clarify and say I do not wish to display ads on BooPets - I wish to advertise BooPets.

    Should I look at alternatives like FaceBook?

    Regards, Paul.
  4. Project Wonderful does seem to bring me in a steady stream of clicks, but it's not a huge number. I can spend, say, $25 over a month for only in the region of 200 unique click throughs. The view rate is very high though, so there is exposure, but not a good conversion rate. Of course that could be my banners, as opposed to the advertiser :)
  5. We had a thread about this before here Using prokect wonderful to advertise or sell ads.

    Basically, if you're advertising on PW - target the pokemon and comics sites.

    I believe the following users here also use Project wonderful
    @KeithKeith @ZarabeytheZarabeythe @SlashmasterSlashmaster @EmmaEmma and possibly a few others. I think they can better explain the network.
    #5 cpvr, Feb 9, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  6. I'd be interested in knowing other people's click conversion rate for comparison, so I can tell how much mine sucks
  7. When you used PW to advertise, how many new users did you actually see? It's cheaper to advertise on PW than it is to advertise via Google adwords and/or facebook ads, but if you have the money to advertise, all methods are opened waters.

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