Roblox my kids favorite..


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Apr 7, 2024
My kids love to play games and their best is Roblox.

Can you earn cash playing Roblox?
Because the energy they give to the game is on another levelšŸ˜Š
Roblox can be fun and I will admit that they are making changes to ensure it is safer for all. I play Roblox myself quite a bit and one of my favourite games just recently has been Pet Simulator 99.

I am not sure if you can make money playing Roblox but it would be fun to do so :)
I've done a bit of peeking around and I am interested in making my own roblox game, it seems a good platform to get started on publicity-wise. Although I hear roblox takes most of the cut of profits you make from it as a game dev on their platform, its not really the money I'm after. I'm a creative that wants to make things that I like and that I think other people will enjoy too and garner a community that shares that same interest.

Personally I think there are some great gems to be found on roblox. I think Doors is a great experience for horror fans, Dragon Adventures is great for pet sim breeding games similar to Flight Rising, and Creatures of Sonaria is a creature survival game like The Isle or Path of Titans but with a made-up fantasy creature twist.

But I would agree that having your kid on roblox would take some monitoring. Their moderation is very lackluster and it can be dangerous if a child clicks on a suspicious link or suspicious game that could do malicious things to their account once in the instance.
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