Roblox players will now get virtual ad billboards for virtual worlds


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Feb 7, 2020
Roblox’s ownership has decided to implement virtual ad billboards into its game, thus providing another way for them to increase their revenue.

Video advertisements will now be displayed on the virtual billboards within the Roblox metaverse, as the company embarks on yet another way to monetize its gamers.

The billboards will feature advertisements from the likes of e.l.f beauty, Walmart, HUGO, Warner Bros Discovery, and more.

While this opens up a whole new revenue source for the company, it’s just another reminder of how commercially driven the game is as money is being squeezed out of every possible corner.

With almost 72 million daily active users on Roblox, the company could earn significantly more through advertising on the platform. It’s widely popular among children globally, with the brand reaching out to brands to connect with Gen Z consumers.

Source: Roblox players will now get virtual ad billboards for virtual worlds

What are your thoughts on Roblox implementing these new ads?
This is not shocking, I had a feeling this was going to happen so it was only a matter of time.

This will open up a lot of opportunities for companies and the like though and it will be great for Roblox, as long as it is done well.
It's actually a pretty intelligent thing to do, there will be a massive amount of money made from this.
They’ve been rolling out various other revenue streams since this announcement. You can now also buy Walmart items directly on Roblox. Having more than one revenue stream is always a good idea for any game.

Walmart recently gave a large boost to metaverse commerce by becoming the first entity to sell select "real-world" items on Roblox.Walmart’s IRL commerce shop in its Roblox experience enables users to check out real world items chosen by its partner user generated content (UGC) creators.

Each purchase of a select real world item comes with a free digital twin that customers can use with their avatar. Users can also try on and buy trending content and emotes, tell Walmart what products they want to see featured, customize their virtual Walmart cart, and showcase their favorite items.

Ikea is also paying people to work in their virtual store on Roblox.

The revenue from their advertisements won’t have any noteable impact on their business this year though.
CEO David Baszucki said advertising “will not be material this year” during the company’s Q1 earnings call on Thursday.

Roblox’s other business metrics didn’t allay concerns about its lack of major revenue streams beyond digital in-app purchases, which is its primary money-maker. The company is building an ad platform, but it could be years before it reaches maturity, Baszucki said.

While Roblox is growing overall, its Q1 growth indicators fell short of the lofty 20% goals the company set for itself at its investor event in November.