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S.R. :// Doodles, paintings, and livestream (Offline)

Discussion in 'Art & Writing' started by Encode, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. (Livestream Online) S.R. :// Doodles, paintings, and livestream


    Uhm, hi! If nobody minds, I wanted to make a sort of art dump on VPL to toss stuff up at after seeing Drea's. Many thanks for letting me follow suit!

    I think most of these will probably be doodles and speed paintings because I rarely have time for finished stuff at the moment, but we'll see :)


    Saellis Reborn is the name of a story I've been slowly but surely tweaking for around 8 years now. My intent is to make a comic, but who knows if I'll ever actually make it that far.
    In the mean time, I work a lot on the character designs, environments, and other things for said story, so anything labeled with S.R. is referencing such.

    S.R. takes place in a complete fantasy world. It has its own universe, deities, cultures, and histories. While it is not the main focus, there are some non-straight-cis characters. There may also be triggers within the story, but nothing of that sort should be posted here.


    4/16 - Some Fate/zero scribbles, and a few speedpaintings.
    4/21 - Uploaded a rough storyboarding sequence, plus a commission WIP.
    4/22 - Character design sketches for Icilia (S.R.)
    4/23 - Figure drawing paintings
    4/25 - Portrait sketch of Rasconza (S.R.)
    4/26 - Sketch of 'Taember' for Clouded-3d
    5/1 - Storyboarding update, and a ref sheet
    5/2 - League of Legends chibi
    5/22 - Doodles of Roy and Kathius (S.R.)
    5/23 - Final version of Storyboarding assignment
    6/3 - Ugly speedpainting XD + Some item art
    6/6 - 1 hr speedpainting + Scribble of Amidh (S.R.)
    6/12 - Another speedpainting |O
    6/14 - Finished a commission, along with a drawing of Archis and Kathius (S.R.)
    6/20 - Scribbles and sketches of Vanish (S.R.)
    6/24 - Commission WIP
    6/26 - Pokemon brainstorming
    7/12 - Comic Page (1/8) + Speedpainting of Kathius (S.R.)
    7/16 - Comic Page (2/8)
    7/17 - Comic Page (3/8)
    7/18 - Comic Page (4/8)
    7/26 - Xion fanart + Pokemon trainer WIP
    8/24 - Updated with a bunch of S.R. sketches

    Tumblr - This pretty much servers the same purpose as this board, but with more peaks into my uninteresting life and hobbies.
    DA - I don't update this very often, but you won't see anything there that won't be posted on this board, unless it's mature content.

    Livestream - Offline

    If you would like to be notified when I am livestreaming or have posted new stuff then just let me know!
    Ping list: Toxic Rainbow Kisses​
    #1 Encode, Apr 16, 2012
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2012
  2. YOU HAS NO PING LIST :| But seriously, can't wait to see what you post : )
  3. I do not know how to accomplish this 'ping' witchcraft you speak of TT_TT sob.
    [edit] Oh wait, I think I get it. Just use the mention feature, correct? That's @ 'username' I think?

    My first post shall be...bad anime fanart! Great start!


    I stayed up until around 6 am watching Fate/Zero last night I: I regret nothing.


    S.R. :// And here is a speed painting of my character, Vanish ouo


    Also, sometimes I draw neopets.
    #3 Encode, Apr 16, 2012
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2012
  4. You type the @ symbol in front of a name, like @DreaDrea. : ) And nice first post.
    #4 Drea, Apr 16, 2012
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  5. Oh okay, thanks! I will offer that for anybody who is interested then :)

    (I always wondered how people were notifying me with posts.)

    And thank you very much :D
  6. [video=youtube_share;-F3vlvIh5Z0][/video]

    These are the roughs for my storyboarding final. There's quite a few changes to be made, but I figured I'd share :)
    I'll probably have to delete it off Youtube the near future because of the music.


    WIP for a commission from this forum's own Malibu :D
  7. Awesomeness!! I subscribed to this :D
  8. Ooohhh Love this, you should make a ping list, and add me to it xD
  9. Awesome, I'm glad you both are interested :D I will add you to the list, Toxic.

    (S.R.) Here's what one of the banner images is from, some character design sketches...

    This is Icilia, who's main hobby is looking displeased as you can see here.
    Icilia's mother was Zeynian - a sort of sub race of humans resulted of breaking off from the main continent and secluding themselves in the mountains for many thousands of years. Her father was from the desert region across the continent; a place filled with corruption and exploitation of the people forced to live there without the means of making it across the desert to better living conditions. It is a rare mix indeed, and one that has granted Icilia many hardships as she attempts to make it through in the Capitol.

    Icilia chose to go about this by proving herself a more than capable fighter of the imperial army. Perhaps to ease her burdens slightly, she takes on an androgynous look (made easy by the very sharp and angular body shape of a Zeynian) and keeps to herself for the most part.

    @Toxic Rainbow KissesToxic Rainbow Kisses
    #9 Encode, Apr 22, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  10. Been going through a bit of an art block lately, so I'm trying to force through it with some figure studies (even though it's 3 am and I have class today >_> )

    Speed painting based on a photo.

    [edit] Here's another photo based study. I don't know if it's okay for me to post bare female chests, but I'll take it down right away if I'm asked.


    @Toxic Rainbow KissesToxic Rainbow Kisses
    #10 Encode, Apr 23, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  11. Wow, your art is truly amazing.
    Those are digitally painted yes?
  12. @Toxic Rainbow KissesToxic Rainbow Kisses Yeah they are :) Unfortunately I was never really in a situation where I could afford to learn how to paint traditionally because of the cost of supplies and the like, so I do all my painting digitally. I actually do about 90% of my work digitally otherwise simply out of convenience, but I enjoy some traditional media like charcoal and coloured pencil from time to time, and do a lot of work in sketch books that I'm too lazy to scan XD
    #12 Encode, Apr 23, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  13. (S.R.) Just posting what one of the banners is from again:

    This one is Rasconza (most certainly named after a character in Redwall way back from Jr. High). She was one of the first characters I ever made, but practically everything about her has changed. (She also used to be a Draik because Neopets because whatever.)

    So, in S.R. there is a 'Gate of Death' which was traditionally guarded by a single person for some hundreds of years, who would pass on the job to somebody else when they found their ability to empathize with mortals fading. It just so happens the one at the time S.R. takes place, Spectyre, reached this point rather quickly, and decided not to pass the job on.

    Spectyre enlists the help of various people over time who help 'make things easier', and while these people are referred to as Angels, their jobs can include rather cruel and inhumane tasks depending on their specialties in magic and personality.

    Rasconza is one of these, but she doesn't really have to deal with any of the messy business. Her job is simply to record the events that happen in the lands of mortal men (although she tends to spend most of her time researching and doing experiments instead). Rasconza's not supposed to intervene with the major events that occur, but ends up doing so in a very significant way.

    @Toxic Rainbow KissesToxic Rainbow Kisses
    #13 Encode, Apr 25, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  14. I think your digital paintings are Beautiful :rolleyes:
  15. That is great to hear, since I'll probably end up posting a lot XD

    My friend and I were doing 'kitags', where each person sets a goal of work for 45 minutes, and if you don't finish in time, you have to draw something for the other person in 20 minutes. So here's one of the sketches from when I lost:


    @Toxic Rainbow KissesToxic Rainbow Kisses
    #15 Encode, Apr 26, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  16. Haven't been doing much besides working on finals, but here's an update on the storyboarding assignment.


    Current to-do list is basically just clean up, particularly the very beginning and the stormy night scene.

    Also, I just realized I haven't been sharing much about mah menz, so here's a bit old (but fairly updated) temporary ref for Rain, also showing what one of the banner images is from.


    Rain Starr is his stage name, because he's cheesy like that. The main idea behind Rain's personality is that he is supposed to be likable in early interactions - he is polite, eager to please, and so on - however, getting to know him better reveals that he's very unreliable, detached, and fairly selfish in the long run. Like Razzy, he started off as a Neopet |:
    #16 Encode, May 1, 2012
    Last edited: May 1, 2012
  17. #17 Encode, May 2, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  18. (S.R.) I certainly haven't been drawing much lately. Been in a bit of a general slump X_X


    So I tried to scribble something up to get back into the flow of things. This kid here is Roy Mordicius, and he plays a very important role in S.R. much to his own dismay. He tries very hard to avoid the responsibilities other people want to press on him, but eventually they're going to catch up :p

    (I don't know what he is wearing ._. )


    Now I'm just experimenting with a style. This guy is Kathius, but I'll explain more about him when the image is finished.

    @Toxic Rainbow KissesToxic Rainbow Kisses
    #18 Encode, May 22, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  19. The Volibear is adorable, I love the colors that you used! Your story board was also really interesting, some of the frames were beautifully drawn, especially where she's being swept away by the current and then falls down and starts drowning.. not that I enjoy seeing characters in pain, I just thought it was well drawn. XD How long have you spent on it so far?
  20. Thanks! I've made a lot of LoL chibies in the past, but that one is my favorite by far :D

    I actually finished that assignment (my finals were due two weeks ago), I just forgot to update it with the final version. It's not too much different really, just some cleaned up bits and a tweak to the water scene to fit the music.


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