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Should diet pills be banned

Discussion in 'Health' started by cpvr, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. I saw an interesting topic for this as - to should should diet pills be banned?

    The person stated the following:
    So, what do you think? Do you think diet pills that are "Screamed" to be scams by various people - and the fact that without exercise, and eating right you won't lose weight. The diet pills industry makes people believe that they can lose weight without exercising - just by taking the bill.

    Like, you even have some that give you more fiber - so you eat less, and water diet bills.

    So, the question I have for - do you think diet pills should be banned? Or should the FTC work with these companies to make them better? And if you feel that they could improve, what do you think should happen to diet pills?

    And if you think they should have more labels - what should they add? @GabbyGabby also discussed the awful Lipozene weight loss pill.

    If anyone has tried diet pills before, which ones have you tried? Did they produce any results?
    #1 cpvr, Sep 16, 2012
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  2. Diet pill advertising needs to be more strictly regulated. Those tiny little words that flash across the screen for 5 seconds that say "Results not typical. Results achieved through combination of diet and exercise with the supplement" sometimes I can't even read the text when I pause the TV because they make it so tiny. The pills really have no reason to be banned, they just need to make it more clear what the pill does. Team up it's commercials with tread climber or something. "You could lose up to half a pound more per week if you use this pill with your new tread climber exercises"
    Because that tends to be the more accurate, it just doesn't sell as well. People are like "Aw... only half a pound per week? And I have to work for it anyway!?"
  3. My mom, grandma, and I took some for about a month. I found it gave me some energy to get started on a good exercise regime, but not enough to stay on it. I was struggling with depression at the time and I opted not to go for depression medicine, so it helped kind of get me out of the "I want to sleep all day every day" slump and actually scrape up the motivation to get started. Though part of that may have been in my head. Its not a magic pill and it isn't going to make you lose all your weight by "changing nothing" about how you eat, exercise, and go about your day. Obviously, your fat isn't gonna just burn off for NO reason whatsoever. You have to move, you have to eat right - the pill won't do it for you.

    As for diet pill companies, I believe they need a major overhaul. No more misleading ads. Instead of solely pills, why not offer a guide or something with it - and make it clear the pills can't "work their magic" without the taker's cooperation on the matter. However, diet pills are dangerous. They can really hurt your heart... I say just exercise and eat and sleep right, don't go to diet pills. They honestly don't change that much - I honestly think all it is is a placebo effect. You THINK it helps therefore it does.
  4. I think banning diet pills would open a door to products being removed from stores. There's no real basis for getting rid of them, aside from buyers not reading the labels themselves and following the proper dosage and recommendations. If you walk into a store, grab a diet pill bottle, and read the directions, it says clearly that the pills need to be combined with a diet and exercise.

    I do think that they need a serious re-marketing strategy so people don't find it so misleading. Unfortunately, the average user doesn't take the time to investigate the pills they're taking before trying them out, so you get a large crowd crying foul. The buyers are putting money in the pockets of the companies, giving them no real reason to re-rout their advertisements.

    I like diet pills. I've bought many in the past, and I know my mom loves them to. However, we don't use them for weight loss. They're amazing at providing a large boost of energy quickly, without having to down a drink. My favorite has to be TrimSpa, as I can take two tablets, have breakfast, and zoom around town running errands with racehorse like speed.
  5. No, I don't. Especially since the ingredients in some diet pills are the same things that are helpful for other problems. For example, I think ephedra is banned in the US, but luckily it's not banned in Canada - I use it all the time for my lungs. I also use carb blocking pills because I have an intolerance to something in grains - if I eat too much I start to get very sick, heart palpatations, my legs and feet swell badly, etc. It's not a gluten intolerance, but something else in the grain that bothers me. However, if I take some carb blocker pills, I can handle a meal high in grain products without the terrible side effects. The same way that I can eat dreamfields pasta because it has a built-in starch blocker that keeps the body from digesting the carbs. It's up to people to do their own research on a product, and read the label before use.
  6. Good idea. I wonder how long it'll take before someone steps in and regulates these pills. So mis-leading in my book. They should also have "exercise tips" on the back, or on their commercials. Because diet pills mixed with exercise, you get better results. They're not really stand-alone products where you don't need to do anything else.

    Same with equipment. Anyone remember the exercise equipment that was being sold a long time ago? It went around your stomach, and vibrated your muscles. The company claimed "It will give you a six pack!".

    Ya, it needs to be regulated. Because so many consumers believe that only diet pills will help them lose weight. So much money is spent on these type of products - I really wonder how many people have gotten sick because of diet pills - taking too many? Not getting results? Of course, its an escape route for some people - thinking that weight would drop without putting in work - with eating right, cardio, and the like.

    I agree that fiber pills are okay, same with water, because it helps keep your system going - and they help you eat less.

    The tread climber is a good machine. Anyone that tries it, or has one, can lose a ton of weight in little time. When I was 16, I dropped 50 pounds in two months with the Treadclimber. I hate that they don't sell commercial units anymore, to gyms and such but only home-based units. I tried to get one before, I couldn't.:mad:

    Ya, I've never tried Ephedra-based pills. But I believe its blocked as well.

    What's the carb blocking pills called?

    And Ephedra's ban below:
  7. People just should be educated more. That would probably solve a part of the problem since the more educated a person is, the more likely they're to read the instructions and understand them.

    Yes. Some people don't understand but there will always be a few people who don't.

    The pills themselves aren't the problem. It's people who don't know and don't study and just expect magic to happen.
  8. They really should. Maybe even the companies like Nutri-System or Jenny could get together with the people who make Total Gym or other training equipment AND the diet pill companies and make an all-in-one system. People don't make the connection that it takes time to put the weight on, it'll take time to take the weight off - and a whole lot more effort to do so!

    I remember that belt... All I thought was that you'd probably get pretty sweaty wearing it, haha. And it wasn't a fashion statement by any means!

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