Snapchat launches virtual pets with generative AI


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Feb 7, 2020
Snapchat is looking to enter the virtual pets market by launching their own pets system powered by artificial intelligence.

This new feature will be available for snapchat subscribers.

This week, Snapchat is rolling out new Bitmoji pets, powered by AI, for Snapchat+ subscribers.

Snapchat Bitmoji pets
Snapchat+ subscribers are now being prompted to “add real or imaginary Bitmoji pets to the map” as part of the new offering.

The process enables you to create a digital pet, which you can customize however you like.

Snapchat Bitmoji pets
Your pet will then accompany you on the Snap Map, so you can go on adventures with your unreal animal friend in the app.

Snapchat Bitmoji pets

What do you think about Snapchat’s newest virtual pets feature?