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Sonas? New RPG game?

Discussion in 'Talk Gaming' started by cpvr, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. I just heard about Sonas from one of my good friends. -

    Information on Sonas:

    Apparently you have to pay in order to get an alpha account - which is $15 for a basic account.
    Information on accounts:

    I know, I won't be paying to play this game - are you going to pay?

    So, do you know anything about Sonas?
  2. if you're a tester, shouldn't they be paying you if any payment is involved? o_O they should def have some sort of guest account so people can at least see what they would be getting...
  3. Completely agree with comment above.
    Alpha and beta testers are there to help YOU to find bugs and issues, to come up with ideas, and to help make sure everything is in shape for when the site opens to public.

    The site looks nice though. Can't wait till it opens to public.
  4. In my opinion, it wasn't worth my $15.00. I bought an account to take a look around. It looks like the coded features are limited to the basics, some custom characters you have to pay real money for (similar to Wajas), and a very simplistic "Explore" feature where you click a button and get "Nothing happens& you found [site currency]" or possibly other things but I haven't clicked through all 500 turns yet.

    Kind of reminds me of Aramii with the turn-based explore system. It's a little disappointing as I'd hope that an alpha site would have some semblance of an actual RPG engine in it (at least, something more interesting than the click click I've found already) - unless I'm playing it wrong.

    Given that I don't want to spend more money (lol), my actions on the site seem limited to absolutely nothing. Again, unless I'm playing it wrong, which I could be.

    I don't think I'll be going back regardless.

    But that's my two cents, for whatever it's worth.
  5. I gave it a look-see using the Tester account and didn't see anything that would make me want to spend money on a personal account. If I'm going to pay to be there, there needs to be at least a little something. Currently there's really nothing to do on there. If they open for free accounts later, I'll give it a shot. But I won't pay.

    What I DO like, from what I saw, is just the pet art. It looks nice, and I really like that they're given action poses rather than the typical standing/sitting poses nearly every other pet site I've visited uses.
  6. I remember having a LONG conversation about this site on VPU. There wasn't much enthusiasm about it, especially the price for what you get in return.
  7. Where is the tester account information located? I've been watching the site, hoping for free open-beta opportunities. I've been debating on buying an account, but I haven't heard any spectacular reviews on it.
  8. I think they may have removed that one. I was trying to login with it a moment ago to make sure I wouldn't be giving you information you couldn't use, and it tells me that no account exists for that name(was "test")

    One of the mods gave away free accounts to Aluriya users who wanted one, so I snatched one up.

    Right now, I would say do not buy.

    Every pet on the site requires you to purchase a stone using the sites cash currency. There are no free pets at all. Not even one to get you started, which you NEED in order to use the explore area.

    The breeding system is very much like Khimeros(this is the only site I can compare it to as far as quick easy breedings), except that you have to purchase a stone for that too(free currency this time, and very cheap) and there are no hybrids. But I think there was discussion of adding those later.

    Other than that, there really is nothing to do on that site.

    I'd hold off until there's actually something there.
  9. Hm, I wouldn't even spend money on something that I couldn't test first, anyway @.@
    That's goofy on their part... Unless they WANT the mystery to lure people in.
  10. I'm still quite curious as to how many people actually play this game.

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