Temtem Adds a new feature, The Saipark that's Similar to Pokemon's Safari Zone


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Feb 7, 2020
Tamtem has recently added a brand new feature, the Saipark. This new feature is quite similar to Pokémon's very own feature, the Safari Zone.

Temtem has received a brand new update, which undoubtedly is inspired by the giant in these pet collecting games, Pokemon. Pokemon has something called Safari Zone, in which unusual monsters tend to spawn before they become captives to some of the trainers. In Temtem, that zone is called The Saipark.

Source: https://www.futuregamereleases.com/2020/02/temtem-adds-the-saipark-similar-pokemon-safari-zone/

Here's more information regarding Temtem's new feature.

The Saipark opens its doors.
  • The Saipark is a new end-game area and the first natural reserve in the whole Archipelago.
  • Each week, the Saipark will hold two different species of Temtem. These species will present special features like having more chances of being Luma, presenting egg moves or even having guaranteed minimum SVs.
  • Regular Temcards won’t work inside the premises of the Saipark. Instead, players will need to buy a special Temcard type called Saicards. Saicards only work inside the premises of the Saipark and they will expire at the end of the week.
  • In order to be able to get Saicards, players will need to pay an initial fee to enter the park and get a pack of Saicards. Players will also be able to buy more Saicards during the week, but the fee will be more and more expensive each time.
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