Things you expect in future virtual pet games?


90 And Up! VPL Member
Feb 22, 2024
There are a couple of changes that I am looking at seeing in future virtual pet games. For example, there is need for better customization options for pet personality and appearance that makes playing it more fun.

What are the other things you are looking out for?
There are so many virtual pet games with a good customization features for pets in the game. This isn't the biggest part I would love to see an upgrade in pet site games. My eyes are set on how good they can upgrade the game's graphics looking at what gaming industry is doing with Unreal Engine 5 in gaming development.
There's nothing like too much graphics in games. This is why game developers are always putting more efforts in making their games better in graphics. We surely need more of that in pet games.

We definitely do. I want my pets looking more real when I play the games and it is only possible with nice graphics designs.
From my perspective, certain video games may benefit substantially from improved graphics. I believe game creators have the potential to make it happen, and it may significantly improve the entire experience for users. Interestingly, I recently discovered Biofeedback, a remarkable technology that allows virtual pets to react to human emotions. This innovative idea engages with technology, and I am excited to see where it goes in the future.
I would love to see a reduced microtransactions in pet site games in the future. I know they have to make nomen from the game but the microtransactions should not be too aggressive.