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Virtual Loft - A Pigeon Breeding Sim

Discussion in 'Upcoming Games' started by reav, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. Anyone that has seen my posts has most likely seen that I am working on a game. This game is called Virtual Loft and is a pigeon breeding sim. In virtual loft you will be able to race pigeons, train pigeons for racing, enter shows, breed your birds, and more! (We have a few coo (haha get it) things that im not gonna share because theyre a secret). I would link you guys the page in dev but its a temp domain til I can buy my own. I have a little bit of artwork to show you guys too! I made a simple logo for the site too. I like more simple things so It works for me. Pictured are two lofts and a homing pigeon. The homing pigeon may be revamped.[​IMG]
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  2. The lofts look really good. Keep us updated. :)
  3. I absolutely will! Will be working on the website some more shortly. Hopefully I can buy my own domain soon. Need to sell some artwork.
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  4. :O *count me in as interested* Lol!
  5. Yay! More interest! Im working on a facebook page if you use facebook and you want to check it out. Will keep it as updated as possible. Virtual Loft | Facebook :eek:
  6. Following you on FB now. :)
  7. Yay! Were working on some sweet stuff so i hope to start sharing soon. I thing i really want to integrate is the rare possibility of a mosiac patterned bird to pop up from your breedings. I think the current probability to get a mosaic is 1 in 2 mil. Birds, but ill make it a bit more realistic lol.
  8. I used to breed Indian Fantails in real life! I can't wait for this to come out!
  9. Nice! :) I'll like you page for you. How's development coming along?
  10. I think it's going well. I've got two people doing php, I'm working on artwork and gathering funds to pay for a database. Doing some genetics research.

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