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    Pretty Kitty Commissions launches a $100 posting contest

Discussion in 'Contests' started by cpvr, Mar 28, 2011.

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  1. Everyone loves money, right?

    So, do you want to win a $100?

    Well - here we are - we're looking for new threads, and new posts - so quite frankly, here's a competition for everyone.

    So, do you think you can win? if you want to participate - please say "I'm in", so we know who's participating.

    The winner is for the most active user from now till April 17, 2011
    As always - our rules still apply.
    Payment via paypal.
    Good luck everyone - let's bring in more activity here!:cool:
  2. I'm in.............
  3. I am in! :D
  4. Feel free to tell everyone about this contest guys!!! :)
    Let's re-build VPL - we lost a ton of content due to us going down last year - and we feel the only way we can re-build this place - is by also giving back to our community - and truthfully, I wish every member good luck - because I'll also be helping out ^^
  5. I'm in.

    Do I have to be active on here, or can I just be online on Aywas? Chances are, I probably won't be coming here again, so could you send a message to #1299 on Aywas? Thanks.
  6. I think you have to be active so I think you have to post on here :)
  7. That's correct.
  8. I'm in bro! :D
  9. Depending on how well this one goes for us - we'll run some more.
    But, we'll surprise you guys!! =D

    We need to work on rebuilding this place - we lost so much last year - it wasn't even funny!!! =/
  10. Huh. My post didn't... post. o__O

    I'm in. |D
  11. I'm in and new :)
  12. I'm In :D
    Good luck everyone.
  13. Im in, how are you keeping track of out posts?
  14. Sounds awesome :)
  15. Simple - we're watching everyone post.
    And really, we're not deciding a winner - our community will!!! <3
  16. Oh so, its basically being decided on who the community thinks has been most active?

    No offense, I think I see some possible favoritism going on....I think it should be done through actual statistics,
  17. Well, true.
    First user to 2,000 posts wins the $100?
  18. HOw is this fair to those who don't have 100s of posts already?
  19. I'm in. When does this start etc.?
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