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Jul 26, 2022
*Insert Obi Wan meme here*

A bit about me: Long time Pet Sim nerd here, good to meet'cha! I started out on neopets in the 2005 ish days and moved on from there. I've been all over, done all sorts of things. I've been a mod, a site admin, an artist, and most importantly just a player and lover of pet sim games!

Why am I here?

My interest in the pet sim community has never gone away, but it certainly comes in waves. I knew of VPL for a while. Or, at least, I thought I did! The site now seems very quiet. I had an account YEARS ago, though maybe it was another site. I knew the virtual pet scene was in the decline, but it sort of...spooks? Me to see it so barren now days. You've got the big hitters that are still around, but they're all mostly from the 2011-2016 era.

I wanted to come back here and see what people were up to. But the news here is even quiet. Are there any new sites that seem to be sticking around? Where have all the big petsite owners gone? When I was here years ago, most of the site owners had accounts here.

I guess I'm just being a (Semi) old fart that wants to know what's up. Where have people moved on to and to those that are still here, how goes it? What has made you stick around and what are you up to these days?
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