What’s your zodiac sign?


Feb 7, 2020
What’s your zodiac sign? Do you like to follow the world of astrology or not really?

I’m a scorpio and two siblings that are cancer’s in my family & my mom’s a leo.

What about you? What’s your zodiac sign? Is there any particular zodiac sign that you get along with the best or not really?
My zodiac sign is Taurus. I used to pay attention to the zodiac readings in magazines and newspapers years ago but stopped quite a while ago as I found most were not accurate at all.
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I am an Aquarius. I have been reading up about my zodiac sign to see what and what that I can learn about my personality as I see that it is always helpful to know more about it.
My zodiac sign is Libra.
I was always so focused on my zodiac sign back in 2020-2022 but now I don't focus on it too much.

Sometimes, focusing too much on the zodiac signs without doing anything to improve your life can be time wasting. One should ensure that they do better to improve their lives.