What do you look for in a pet game/breeding sim?


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Mar 31, 2020
As the title says: what do you look for in a pet game? What’s the single most important feature? What comes in second or third? What features in a game, if any, would excite you enough that you’d be willing to support its development? What would encourage you to tell your friends about a game?
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Jun 16, 2020
I look forward to species that are original like a traditional vps. I love Flight Rising and Wajas for this, they're dragons and canines but they have their own unique species attributes.

Support wise, things to do with pets, the ability to make them more personal! Ik that sounds silly, but back when human avatars became a thing on more traditional vps, I felt a departure from things to do with pets when it came to some sites that implemented a ha system.

Wajas, Chicken Smoothie, and FR (heck even Neopets) allow for so much personalization to pets. The more ways I can customize and personalized them, the more dosh I'm willing to spend. :)

I'd say friendly mods and an overall supportive climate of creativity and loyalty are also things I enjoy.
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