What email provider do you use?


Feb 7, 2020
I’ve been using gmail as my email provider for the past couple of years. I also used Yahoo mail in the past. I like the interface that gmail provides.

So, what email provider do you like to use? Do you use gmail, hotmail, yahoo, or a different email provider? Do you have a favorite email provider?
I use Gmail for my personal email and I use Dream Host for my server. I could run my own mail server on my server but It's easier to have someone else host it for you. Not only that but you can still get your mail if the server goes down.
I use mail.com and gmx.com. Anyway, the first one I use the most and the 2nd is something I have added because the 1st is too full. Anyone with a similar experience?
It's only Gmail I'm making use of right now. Since I get into using their services, I've been satisfied. I've heard ProtonMail is very good in terms of its privacy but I haven't decided to use it.