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What new ideas would you like to see in a pet site?

Discussion in 'Virtual Pets Chat' started by Zerr, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. I've seen around this forum and noticed some people talking about petsites being all the same. What features on a new petsite would you like to see that will make it new and exciting, enticing more people to join. As well as making it all the more different from the countless others that cover the internet.
  2. Re: What new ideas would you like to see in a petsite?

    Something I think would be interesting to see pertains to pet evolution and the battle system.

    At least 3 base stages to a pet cycle. Child, adolescent, adult. As you battle, the pet will naturally grow into it's final adult form. Possibly have an item that can stop a pets growth at a certain stage if the user wants.
    Then, one or two extra "mutated" forms, that can only be attained once the pet has reached a certain level its in adult form. Mutations would require a specific item to happen. Either a pet type specific item or a coloration specific item. If there are two mutations possible, have one mutation item purchasable with the free in-game currency(suggest making it kind of expensive), and one purchasable through the cash shop. If only one mutation possible, make it cash shop.

    I don't know a single thing about coding, but I kind of imagine this being a lot of work to make happen?

    For me, at least, something like this would make battling FAR more interesting then the ever so boring single click-and-win thing about everyone else has. And the pets never get any 'better' except to increase in level. ¬.¬
  3. Re: What new ideas would you like to see in a petsite?

    I would like to see some aspects of mmos put into petsites. Put the addictiveness back into petsites. -shifty eyes-
  4. Re: What new ideas would you like to see in a petsite?

    *cough* AlleyPets */cough*
  5. Re: What new ideas would you like to see in a petsite?

    Well, what features does Alleypets offer? Is it opened yet?
  6. Re: What new ideas would you like to see in a petsite?

    AlleyPets is an actual flash-based mmo. It doesn't have many features, but I intend on a major update soon.
  7. So mostly new battling techniques. I would like battling to become more interactive as well I don't like it much though so it wouldn't make that big a difference in my gameplay.
  8. Well, I'd like to see new features from other games - like since pet sites are online games - we need other features that haven't exactly been seen on a pet site.
    Like, a feature for exploring for items - it could be a flash-based map, or a click-based area and you have to click certain levels to find things.

    I also would love to see new features that promote "pets & characters", like since we can dress up characters and such, what about being able to attach your pet to your character or something? Or what about characters getting hungry and having to feed them like actually pets? Like, characters are currently just set up as "dress" features on pets sites - why don't we make them more fun and more useful? Its like a popularity contest just having "dress" up features - but then again, they are fun. I'd just like to see more.
  9. I would really like to see more games that incorporate activities you can do with your pet. Caring for them is fun but to be able to actually do things with them makes me feel a lot more integrated in the world.
  10. I wouldn't say this is a new idea, but I'd like to see more pet sites with a in-depth storyline and features that are consistent with it.

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