What pet sites do you miss that are no longer online?


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Feb 7, 2020
Over the years, there’s been various of pet sites that have been released and sadly, closed down. So, what pet sites do you miss that are no longer online?

Personally, I miss venetopia, petgamer, teripets and cyopets.

What about you though? If you had the opportunity to do so, would you try to bring back the pet sites that you miss?🤔
It was fairly new at the time but I miss PetRPG. The owner abandoned the site. I used to be a moderator there for a short time and resigned after I saw the inactivity. It really was a lot of fun, though.
Teripets, Zetapets, AfterMathZone, Daylightpets.
Idk what happened to Daylightpets, it seemed to be doing good for a bit there but now registration and account recovery is closed. Twas fun. Edit; oh it's just gone now. I was there like 2 months ago, but it's just gone now. Anyone know what happened?

I thought Zeta and AMZ had reincarnations, as recent as 2013/4, but they seem gone as well. I really enjoy those underdog vp sites. I remember playing Zeta when I was in late middleschool, and even then I was one of the few single digit online players. Dang was it some fun being able to restock anything I wanted lol. Some days, I felt like I controlled the economy for returning players. Child me was mad with power.

Speaking of, anyone know the name to a petsite that had 'Heaven' in its name? The creator said they created it in memory for their grandfather, that was a LONG time ago but I can't seem to find art or anything of it. It was borne to be a rival to Subeta, one of the earlier vp sites to truly encorporate a HA system (aside from NebulaPets - which is also gone without any archive or images?). It had some drama on VPL back in the day, but it seemed well liked n all that. It had really beautiful pets n stuff, sometimes I just like lookin at virtual pet art to get inspired and the art there was so cool. Anyone remember the name?
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There was a site called MVPS "My Virtual Pet Site" that was a network with base templates to set up your own site with pets, items, users, and even had a marketplace where you could buy graphics from other people that uploaded them for points. It was really cool, and I loved seeing all the creativity of everyone's sites!
No idea what happened to MVPS, a fair amount of time went by and then it just wasn't there anymore.

Another I miss was a site called Fauna, I believe? It was one artist that drew and coded everything themselves. It had a pretty successful release day with everyone just kind of wandering in, helping to test features, and making suggestions for things to add or improve. That was another one that wasn't around long and then just disappeared forever.

I can't seem to access Misticpets right now, even though I was boppin' around on the site maybe 2 months ago. Perhaps it's finally offline after all the neglect. SO you can definitely add that to the list of site I miss.
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I remember MVPS! I think the owner was wanting to sell it, but didn't get offers they found suitable. They sold it later to a prominent member of the VPS community, it came back, then vanished after a hosting issue I think? It was so long ago I could be mistaken. As far as I remember, which I may be mistaken, the new owner tried to keep it going but couldn't. They gave users a few months to backup things, then closed it. Such a shame there's nothing like it today. Was truly amazing, but I can only imagine hosting all that content.

And yeah, I think Mistic is sadly done. I noticed a month ago I was unable to even reach the site. You are the first person I've seen mention this. Thought it was just me! Sad, it needed some tlc but I know of many who loved it (including the staff that remained). Perhaps someday, it will return.


I would like to add if anyone reading knows - I'm searching for a cyborg themed petsite back in the early to mid 2000s, 2005 era perhaps. Cyberpets, Cytopets, something with a C. Their most popular pet was a white cyborg wolf. It was set in a futuristic landscape. I consider this a holy grail in VPS lost media. If you know anything, hit me up! I'm searching through the WBM but it's no dice. Still also looking for the Christian inspired VPS from the 2010s and the NebulaPets from the mid 2000s as well, for documenting purposes.
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oh there is so many like
world of umbria
unicreatures (even though some of the old staff made ostlea)
Silvadopts/tale of dragons
probably eldemore as well. It's still online, but on hiatus until god knows when
Dragonadopters, though that might return in the far future

out of these, I really miss umbria the most, since the admin merely announced an open end hiatus and then just disappeared from all social platforms
Yeah, it was! Unsure if it's still that way. Also, a note on the artwork... I remember they went into debt due to that art. You can tell they've went with a cheaper alternative now.
Polairia for me. Probably unheard of at this point, which I can't blame you guys lol
Made a number of good friends! If I remember correctly, the site's owner just MIA'd and eventually it just broke apart.
I remember polairia! Wasn’t Jake the owner?
There was another I used to play, can't remember the name for the life of me.

I remember the site only having 4 games, one being tic tac toe and the site was British because I remember everything resetting at midnight UK time.

If you don't remember, not to worry and thank you for your time :)