What sparks your creativity?


Feb 7, 2020
What are some of things that sparks your creativity and gets your creative juices flowing?

Does listening to music help spark your creative juices or does going for a walk help your creative juices flow? How about watching a movie or reading a book? Does watching a movie help get your creative juice flowing?
Growth! I love seeing my site/community grow, when I see it doing well it boosts my motivation.

Also, inspirational movies, and videos are good too. Sometimes, I get motivated differently or I cant find motivation at all.
If things are going on in my life, where I'm struggling. it's harder to be motivated.
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Believe it or not, silence gets my creative juices flowing. I like to be able to hear myself think, and the posts start flowing before you know it, My best day I did over 100 forum posts on various websites. I love being a part of forum communities. Not only that, but I really enjoy reading what other people say and interacting on the forum.
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I find that when I need inspiration when it comes to creativity, listening to music, watching something I enjoy or even heading out for a walk helps a lot with my creativity.