What Uncommon Animal Would You Want a sim Game About?


Growing VPL Member
Apr 30, 2024
Forget your dogs, horses, and cats. What uncommon animal would you like to see a sim game centered around, and what do you think makes that animal well-suited to a fun gaming experience?

I'd personally want to see a Betta fish breeding sim, with all those lively colours! They're well-suited because they're so varied in shape and colour, you can have some beautiful artwork in there while also being realistic.

Another game I'd want to see is a realistic dragon game - not where you hunt them, but more in the theme of How to Train Your Dragon. How would that kind of thing work, I wonder?
I mean having an alien sim game would be really cool, kind of like "Spore" was all those years ago. You could have so many unique designs. Animal-wise, maybe chameleon?