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  1. Some users hate some virtual pet sites for different reasons, and Marapets seems to be one of the pet sites that gets hated on a lot.

    Do you hate any virtual pet sites? If yes, why do you hate it?
  2. I don't think I hate any sites. I just grow bored all too easy of almost all of them. :C
  3. I don't know that I hate any game. I dislike some of them and there's some games I've had bad experiences on, but I don't think there's any game that I'd say I hate.
  4. does anyone honestly feel strongly enough about petsites to actually hate one
  5. What about a pet site makes you get bored with them after time? Not enough stuff to do?
  6. Not enough stuff to do. Opening too early. Hype. Disappointment. You know? xD

    I wouldn't think so, but goodness knows!
  7. oh, i HATE dogdayzz. the owners don't listen to suggestions and are rude whenever you disagree with them. it's also a really unfair game. the staff members have better dogs than the players and its impossible to surpass the staff :(
  8. I think these sorts of threads shouldn't be allowed.
    Lets talk about pet sites we enjoy, rather then ones we hate.
  9. I don't hate specific sites, I just hate certain things about them. X3
    For instance, I love Black Star Kennels (and not because I'm the best player on the game psshh) but dislike the staff (not the owner).
  10. I get bored with most sites I'm on, but the ones I hate the most are probably due to crazy owners and mod teams.
    A lot of pet sites have crazy management that really just kills it for me.
  11. Managment is a killer for me too. I cant say I HATE any site, I dislike and wont play on many for many reasons, but rumors of staff is a big one. A poor managment system inevitably results in downfall of the site. Things just dont get done as effectivley, or even at all, and that either leads to users disintrest and even the closing of the entire site! I've seen it happen with Teripets.
    A lack of interesting and easy to use features and poor visuals is another thing that make me back away.
  12. Yeah, I don't HATE any. I've just stopped playing many for a variety of reasons.
    Stupid rules is the biggest one. Also when staff do big things they don't tell you about, like read your messages :I That's a killer for me
  13. To hate is a useless waste of energy. They all have their qualities, I like them all.
  14. I don't hate any pet site online. I actually love them all the same except I love some more than others. Hate is a strong word, dislike would be another word to use in this perspective. What pet site does everyone dislike? Which ones do you love the most and seem to play a lot?

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