What's the most successful virtual pet site game?


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Apr 11, 2024
There are so many virtual pet site games we know today. A lot of them have seen good success with having millions of gamers playing it while they make millions of dollars from using microtransaction in their games. Take for instance, Marapets makes around $200k-700k a year, even though their revenue is dropping down a bit.

What's the most successful virtual pet site game?
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In terms of active daily users, Flight Rising, Subeta, Marapets, Neopets, Xanje, Khimeros, Powerpets and Aywas all average a lot of daily active players.

However, the most successful pet sites are probably Subeta, Flight Rising, Marapets and Powerpets.

Also, Neopets, Subeta, Marapets and Webkinz are more than likely the most profitable virtual pet sites.