Why Neopets Will Never Make a Comeback: A Critical Analysis


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Jun 26, 2020
Over the past year, there's been a lot of buzz about Neopets changing hands once again. As a veteran member with over 23 years of experience, I can only roll my eyes. I've lost track of how many times Neopets has been sold, and each time, we're told things will be different. But history tells a different story. Neopets has always been, and continues to be, a money grab, with new owners failing to learn from past mistakes.

Early Failures and Persistent Issues​

The initial mistakes began with widespread AI freezes that had no appeal process and were often baseless. Paying players received no priority or support, even after the introduction of premium memberships. The premium support option was briefly offered but proved as ineffective as the original.

Neopets also has a history of monetizing services that often lead to account losses. For example, premium memberships once came with a premium email address. If you used this email for your account and later discontinued premium, you risked permanent account loss if you got locked out. My cousin faced this issue and despite explaining the situation to Neopets, received no assistance, resulting in a lost account.

Recent Missteps and Exploitative Practices​

Even under new ownership, the same issues persist. The introduction of extended pet slots, which require real-world money, is a clear example. Players can have up to five accounts, each with five pets, artificially inflating user numbers. I recently fell victim to this exploitative practice. After purchasing extended pet slots, I logged into my side accounts to transfer pets to my main account. Neopets forced a password change without notifying me, locking me out of my accounts and leaving me unable to complete the transfers.

A Track Record of Neglecting Loyal Players​

The correlation is clear: spending real money on Neopets leads to frustration and disappointment. Despite more than a decade of buying premium memberships and Neopets merchandise, I am fed up. The nostalgia and lifelong friends I've made through Neopets can't make up for the consistent neglect and poor treatment of loyal players.

Neopets’ customer service has been notoriously unresponsive and ineffective for years. Long-time players know all too well the frustration of submitting support tickets only to be met with silence or unhelpful responses. The lack of a reliable appeal process for account freezes and lockouts has led to countless players losing years of progress with no recourse. This disregard for their most dedicated users is not just a blemish on Neopets' reputation; it's a fundamental flaw that prevents any hope of a true comeback.

When I encounter Neopets merchandise at conventions, I can't help but roll my eyes at claims of improvement. I prefer to support new startups like Santae, where moderators are eager to assist players.


Long-term Neopets players have endured a lot. As loyal customers, we haven't received the respect or support we deserve. We've lost hours, days, years, and even decades of progress due to freezes and lockouts with no reasonable way to appeal or contact support. This systemic failure in customer service and the persistent focus on monetization over genuine player satisfaction are the core reasons why Neopets will never make a comeback.

Recently, I submitted a ticket to retrieve accounts that Neopets' system locked me out of through no fault of my own, hoping the new owners would be different. The result was predictably disappointing. Neopets' customer service remains as unresponsive and ineffective as ever, further cementing the platform’s decline.

To my fellow veteran Neopets players, good luck. To those considering joining this "hip new trend," just pass. Neopets' track record speaks for itself, and without a fundamental shift in priorities and a genuine commitment to customer service, it will never make a true comeback. The future belongs to platforms that truly care about their users, not those that exploit them.


I could be wrong, but I'm guessing now that "sensitive account" means accounts that were confirmed to have been part of one of the many database breaches. What's funny about that is, I "had" access to my account. I don't now, because of Neopets lol.


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I stopped playing Neopets years ago, but it's the site that put me into virtual pet games when I first got started. I think they'll be around for years to come, probably still be the most popular.