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Worst pain ever

Discussion in 'Health' started by cpvr, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. Sometimes in my life, pain may hit your body from some odd reasons, so why don't we discuss our worst pains? Before I had my gall bladder removed, I would be in so much pain. I couldn't eat without puking. Then there was a time where I thought I was having a heart attack because my heart was hurting, but it was just an infection.

    Also, on the same subject, another worst pain from me was when I wasn't able to see my daughter for a while. That pain is gone now because she's back in my life.

    Another pain is when I screwed up and got into trouble - and saw my family's heart-broken.

    So, why are some pains you have felt that have been so bad it made you start crying or head to ER?[Hospital).

    Or are you pretty healthy where you don't get pain?
    #1 cpvr, Jun 27, 2012
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2013
  2. Having a tooth removed when I was a kid. It had a badass root and it literally reduced me to tears, considering that I have a very high pain tolerance.
  3. hiding this because its quite horrible?? highlight to read if you arent squeamish about dental problems!!!!
    i got my top canine teeth pulled out then got the top of my mouth cut open and two holes sawed into my skull then stitched up again
    2 days later i got braces put over those holes to pull teeth down from my skull and move my teeth around so the teeth being pulled down would be able to be in the right spot for canines
    i couldnt eat properly for about 2 days because my mouth was swollen to the point i could hardly swallow so i couldnt take painkillers for the braces or the stitches
    there were a lot of complications with it so i was in and out of dental surgeries for months until everything was going smoothly

    i got my braces out last year which is good and my teeth look amazing and it was worth the 4 or so months of pain ha ha

    as for emotional pain well im in a lot right now HEH u_u
  4. The worst pain I have ever felt was when I was in school playing football, I was tripped and my head met a solid metal gate ;-;

    I didn't actually feel anything at first but I was crying my eyes out :( Later when I went to hospital I was really feeling the pain and I had a giant lump on my head.

    3 hours later I actually got treated and they just said nothing was wrong and I just had to put a wet towel on it -.- I am still wary of stuff/people near that part of my head :'(
  5. Ouch D: That must of hurt! Glad everything is okay now!

    Emotional pain is just an evil thing D:
  6. Man, I know how you feel. A few months I had four of my wisdom teeth pulled out. It hurt so bad!

    Another worst pain is when I broke my finger, I dropped 3500 pounds on it. =/
  7. @cpvrcpvr What was 3500 pounds?
    #7 Gabby, Jun 27, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  8. These products at my job, I was lifting them with a forklift, and one of the wooden boards broke, so I tried to replace the wood, and the product slipped on my finger. It hurt so damn bad.
    #8 cpvr, Jun 27, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  9. Omg :O 3500 pounds! Ouch D:
  10. I've had a total of 7 black eyes in my life, haven't broken a bone. I've accidentally cut myself tons of times but none of these have ever hurt much.

    Oddly, the only times I can remember being in pain are:
    I had a hangnail on my big toe. Couldn't walk.. for 2 days. Lol. It really hurt though.
    And, Being splashed in the face with water in the pool. It hit my eyes so hard, stung so bad. I hated that pain.
  11. Ya, it had my finger screwed up for damn near two months. It was ridiculous. physical therapy hurt so bad.
  12. Omg.. I can't even imagine.. I'm just happy you're alright now though. (And I do seriously mean that)
  13. I seriously can't imagine the pain of that ;-;
  14. Ya, the same thing happened before with my dad, but he ended up breaking his foot. It eventually healed because he never got a cast on or anything, he just wrapped it up.
  15. Arhhh ;-; That must really hurt :(
  16. Ya, it was rough for him. He didn't want to miss any work. So do you have any painful experiences you could tell us about?:drool:
  17. I have the one I posted before and I have one where a car pretty much ended on top of me ;-;
  18. I remember when I was playing football with no helmet, someone tackled me so hard my head bounced on the ground. It hurt like heck for my head. Did it require stiches or anything?

    I also remember my first major car accident, my car got totaled and I had major chest pains, but I didn't get to the doctor until a few days later because I was already fighting a really bad cold[begins with a P] I can't spell it though. And they gave me medications, a few days later I was better. But car wrecks really suck, it hurts so bad.
  19. Ugh >-< I hate those headaches that last for awhile after banging your head D:

    No stitches, but hell it hurt for days ._.

    Ouch, I haven't really been in a major car accident while being in a car... it is always me who ends up being hit while walking :C I was just walking to the shops and a car came speeding round, it crashed into another car, and then flipped onto it's roof. It also flipped onto my legs and I fell and landed on glass.

    I came out with 2 broken legs and alot of scratches :mad:
  20. Ya, they last so damn long. x.x No matter how many headache medications you take. What did you take to help ease the pain though?

    Wow, did you sue the driver? My sister is currently fighting a lawsuit with a car that hit her. Her neck has been in pain for about 6-8 months now, so its quite ridiculous.

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