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Welcome to the Virtual Pet list community, we discuss game dev from virtual pets, roleplaying games, mmos, mobile apps all the way to virtual worlds.
VPL is a friendly and positive online community. Our main goal is to help game owners, players, artists and writers all to across the globe. So, if you're looking for a fun, active and a great resource to discuss your favorite games or you're trying to find a new game, our game dev forum can help you. We're the biggest and most successful community for virtual pets, sim games and game dev.
Find game reviews, dev guides and upcoming games. Let us help you grow your game or discuss your favorite online games with us!

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  • cpvr
    Blog: Cpvr's blog. By cpvr at 8:35 AM.
    Hello everyone. For the past couple of years, I was dealing with a lot of family problems that kept me away from VPL and I didn't want to be around because I was very angry & stressed out. However, I'm back now and I'm a lot smarter than I was in the past. I've been reading a lot of great books....
  • Bravefoot
    Blog: Bravefoot's blog. By Bravefoot at 4:53 PM.
    I am currently a Psychology student doing my A Levels and I'm loving it! It is just so interesting, and now I have planned to become a Psychologist when I grow up. Hopefully XD The first unit we learned was about Obedience under Social Psychology, learning theories and why people follow orders...
  • GeekGirl
    Blog: GeekGirl's blog. By GeekGirl at 7:05 AM.
    When working in the hosting industry, we tend to use a lot of loosely defined definitions and terms. Lots of times these definitions can change between providers but there is a general "description" that I've learned to look for when shopping for outside services, and I thought I would give you...
  • GeekGirl
    Blog: GeekGirl's blog. By GeekGirl at 6:28 PM.
    #SmallBusinessSaturday Success - QnEZ Servers partners with CheckItOn.Us For Immediate Release We didn't offer any great sales. We didn't run much advertising. We didn't even do anything different than we normally would, however #SmallBusinessSaturday was a huge Success for QnEZ and Janglewood,...
  • Boltgreywing
    Blog: Boltgreywing's blog. By Boltgreywing at 7:05 PM.
    My pet site duelingpets will no longer be updated for this year, but we have reach 50 users which means I will be able to open up a new feature off of my kickstarter goals. Donation box will now be unlocked and will be able to be coded. :) I am still learning what I can do and what I can't code...
  • Oct
    Blog: GeekGirl's blog. By GeekGirl at 10:25 AM.
    Hey everyone, I'm literally about to run to the data-center right now, to finish installing all the equipment we just moved from other places into our increased footprint into the data-center. 1Gbps up-links for all servers, all switches upgraded to support more than 30gbps each. Gigabit network...
  • Wolfiness
    Blog: Wolfiness's blog. By Wolfiness at 9:41 PM.
    Advertising your pet site is a huge deal, and it's the only really great way to bring in customers, players, and new staff recruits. However, it's often very difficult to find a great place to advertise- with all those websites out there in the deep ocean of the internet, it's too overwhelming...
  • Sep
    Blog: righteousfail's blog. By righteousfail at 8:35 PM.
    Some people are naturally attracted to negativity. As was said in the famous Batman movie, "Some people just want to watch the world burn." I guess the colloquial term for these people would be "assholes." As is inevitable in a place like the internet, I have found myself on the receiving end...
  • Aug
    Blog: PegaGamer's blog. By PegaGamer at 8:09 PM.
    I have improved on my art I feel like I have at least. I also have a Patreon and an Etsy. Please check those out! I can do cartoon NPCs animals and humans! So message me if interested!
  • Azura Kirigaya
    Blog: Azura Kirigaya's blog. By Azura Kirigaya at 2:02 PM.
    Hey! I am Azura and I am looking for Virtual pet sites to review! If you have any suggestions, comment them! I would love to hear what you say! I would have liked to start earlier, but I haven't found any good pets sites worth reviewing. So give me suggestions and you may find yours being...
  • zoldos
    Blog: zoldos's blog. By zoldos at 9:30 PM.
    I've worked general retail for about 10 years. Starting in 1998 at a small craft store chain on the East coast. They went out of business in 1999 and I ended up working at Target as a cashier. I was there 4 years. Then 3 years at Home Depot from 2003-2006. Then odd jobs here and there from...
  • Azura Kirigaya
    Blog: Azura Kirigaya's blog. By Azura Kirigaya at 10:41 AM.
    Hey! My name is azura! I am looking for work as a writer/editor for any site. I think personally that I am a very good writer when it comes on site lore, item descriptions, news post, and other things. I have not worked for a site before. I don't need to be pay with real money. In game money...
  • Jul
    Blog: sugarplum__teddy's blog. By sugarplum__teddy at 10:47 PM.
    hello everyone i'm new I love baby animals sports reading yoga video games cooking favorite color is black and poems I also write them too i'm goofy and quiet but sometimes loud sooo..... i'm 5"9 I do love to talk but what I love the most is science its awesome so i'm just very ordinary person...
  • Cadius
    Blog: Cadius's blog. By Cadius at 11:27 AM.
    Northern Call is open for registration. While the site still has a good way to go, we're happy to open our doors to the public. The in game forum is nearly completed, and we'll be able to tie wolves to accounts this evening. We hope to see you around!
  • Jul
    Blog: jakdacrowe's blog. By jakdacrowe at 8:42 AM.
    [img] [img] [img] [img] YOU GET SICK! YOU GET SICK! EVERYONE GETS SICK! seriously tho furvilla my furries get sick nearly once every hour some of my furries have gotten sick again even after they got sick the last hour the most i've seen my furries not get sick is if i'm not playing the game...
  • Coup-De-Tat
    Blog: Coup-De-Tat's blog. By Coup-De-Tat at 7:04 PM.
    We are excepting donations for our new site, come check us out the link for our kickstarter program is listed below Coup-De-Tat We have completed the coding and most of the artwork, and we are in a unique place were we will be willing to partner with someone or even sell the...
  • Coup-De-Tat
    Blog: Coup-De-Tat's blog. By Coup-De-Tat at 5:04 AM.
    Hello we are new to this blog site; so hello to everyone, a little about us we are virtual game developers so we do coding artwork and websites feel free to contact us with your ideas or site projects. We also are starting a new website so feel free to join us we will be...
  • myrianna
    Blog: myrianna's blog. By myrianna at 12:33 AM.
    Need to work on... not talking as though everyone knows what I've been thinking, or read(seen, etc) what I have. It's like I start in the middle of something, and others are like "huh? what thing?"....oh yeah...that part was in my head... sorry.
  • Corsair
    Blog: Corsair's blog. By Corsair at 10:39 PM.
    [ATTACH] In other words I'm holding myself back. I'm working on fixing that.
  • zoldos
    Blog: zoldos's blog. By zoldos at 4:28 PM.
    I'm sorry if this pisses anyone off, but I'm sick to fucking death of seeing shit about Prince's death. He's fucking dead. So what. Why does he get all this attention when I'm sure there are A LOT of homeless people dying everyday but do they get their faces all over every magazine, FB post,...