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Would you like to become a member of the most successful virtual pets and sim games community on the internet today? We've been opened since 2011 and since then, we've been providing web game developers, artists, players and writers with the most relevant, up to date, quality and in depth content covering the entire online browser based games industry. So, if you virtual pet games, game development or online sims, our forum is perfect for you. Our sneak peeks forum is designed for new owners to showchase their upcoming in dev games.

Discuss online pet game management or developing a sim game.

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  1. Web Games Forum and Virtual Worlds

    Web games and virtual worlds
    1. Virtual Pets Chat

      Virtual pets are online games where you raise and take care of your very own my virtual pet. Our online community welcomes all players, artists, moderators, writers and game owners to discuss whatever they'd like to talk about regarding the pet games niche. Feel free to write a new topic today or respond to any thread that's currently available.
    2. Sneak Peeks

      Our sneak peeks forum is designed to help any new pet game developer showcase what they've been working on so far. Game screenshots, art images, previews of pets and features are the perfect way to attract new fans & build hype. So, if you're looking to find upcoming pet sites or if you're ready to showcase your in dev virtual pet site to our community, we're here for you.
    3. SIMs forum

      Our sims forum is dedicated to the discussion of any sim game that's online today. Debate, discuss or learn more about online sim games today.
    4. Virtual Pets News

      All the latest news, updates and rumors coming out of the entire virtual pets industry and the sim games community. This forum and its sub forum provides our users/visitors with the most up to date and relevant news that game owners or staff members are pushing out on their games.
    5. Online pet game management

      Managing your own virtual pet game can sometimes be tough, but this forum is the home for all owners of pet sites. Learn all the various methods of growing, expanding, marketing, earning more revenue, etc. Our pet site management forum is designed for all owners.
    6. Talk Gaming

      If you'd like to discuss video games, roleplaying games, other type of games that aren't exactly pet games nor sim games, then our talk gaming forum is designed just for you!
  2. Virtual Petlist Community

    .Are you looking to talk about something else that's not pet site or sim game related? Our virtual pet list community forums is where everything is talked about, or debated.
    1. Introductions

      Have you just found out about our online community or are you a veteran member that's returning? Our introductions forum is the best way to get to know all of our members, meet new friends and discuss your favorite interests/hobbies with others.
    2. Off Topic

      Our off topic forum is where we discuss everything that doesn't already have its own forum. From health topics, news, current events, debates, social media, etc. Just pull up a chair and chat about what's on your mind in our off topic forum.
    3. Creativity Chat

      Being creative is a gift and a skill, so if you'd like to discuss your creativity with other creative users, then this forum is just right for you! If you're looking for advice on how to improve your drawing skills or writing skills, then please ask our members for help by creating a new topic.
    4. Updates And Feedback

      Updates regarding our virtual pets community can be found here. Also, feedback from our beloved community can be seen here as well. We love hearing from our members, so if you want us to do something, then please share your thoughts or opinions with us.
  3. Resources

    Resources, our section for guides, interviews and reviews.
    1. Interviews

      Interviews with various staff members, owners, and players from the virtual pet game & sims game industry
    2. Pet Games and Sims review

      If you're looking to see what a pet game or an online sim is like before you dive in and become a member, then our reviews will help you out a lot! Please feel free to review your own review today, you can include your referral link as well.
    3. Guides

      Our guides have been written by some of our staff members, supporters or users and they're designed to help you with anything involving online pet games or sim games.
  4. Virtual Pets and sim games market

    The marketplace where you can find a lot of your virtual pets/SIM Games needs from art, paid staff, to volunteers. Our sim games and virtual pets market is your best place online to find new staff that can help you develop or maintain your online game.
    1. Art Marketplace

      Looking to purchase or sell art/graphics? Our very own art marketplace contains diverse art and a variety of artists that love drawing for pet games and/or sim games. If you're looking to commission an artist, then please check our sub forum and find artists that are opened for commissions.
    2. Programming Marketplace

      For all your coding buying and selling desires. Also, if a programmer doesn't have a programmer's badge, then please tag a programmer in the sales thread and ask him/her if the seller's scripts are of quality that are being sold because buying poorly coded scripts is never good for business.
    3. General Marketplace

      Our gemeral marketplace is designed for those that wish to sell things that aren't actually for our art marketplace or programming marketplace, so if you're looking to sell something or buy something, then this section of our marketplace is your best bet!
    4. Virtual Pet Buyer and Seller feedback

      Our virtual pet buyer and seller feedback forum is designed for all the buyers & sellers in our marketplace. This board includes both positive or negative reviews.

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