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    Virtual Pets

    Welcome to the Virtual Pet list forum!
    We're a virtual pets and sim games community and we're the largest forum in our industry. We have a lot of virtual pet sites' owners and sim game owners that are quite active on our online community. Along with artists, writers and programmers that come here looking for work and games to work for. Our members who are artists sell art in our art marketplace and programmers are allowed to sell their scripts in the programming marketplace. We've been opened since 2011, however, we've owned our domain name since 2004 and since then we've grown and expanded quite nicely. What are you waiting for, why don't you join today?

    Our list of virtual pet sites and directory of sim games have a lot of games listed that you can try out and possibly enjoy. If you're still curious about a game to play, you can check out some of our game reviews that were written by some of our great contributors and our interviews with respective virtual pet site owners, sim game owners, artists, writers and programmers that have done work in this industry as a whole.

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Jun 23, 2014
Feb 14, 2011
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Jun 23, 2014
    1. cpvr
      Thank you very much!
    2. cpvr
      You're very welcome! <3
    3. cpvr
      Ya, sure, I'll change it for you now!
    4. cpvr
      Yes, I can change your username for you.
    5. NiGHTS
      Haha XD Ian become a good friend of mine, so I don't mind it too much, but I know I should ask very soon. I was prepared from the very beginning to work for free, because I just wanted to see things get done. But he's accepted me as a full-on artist, so I have high hopes c:
    6. que
      I use a 2.3 px brush all the way down to a 1px :)
    7. Joy
      Hey Sheimi hun... I'm so sorry... I deleted that PM you sent me and I realized that I never sent it to Paul. =( Can you forward the message to him, or resend it?
    8. Joy
      No problem at all - you're welcome. <333 And I know! I'm so excited and it kills me to see the dates fly by so agonizingly slow. Hey feel free to add me on msn btw! joyberries@live.com
    9. Joy
      Some shiny keys may have distracted him. lol But no worries, I'll definitely ask him about you this week. You're an excellent artist, and I've always been a fan of your items. <3 So it would be great seeing you on Paladore.
    10. Joy
      He did?! I'm so tackling him about this tomorrow. Right now, Boopets is in Beta. But if you PM PaulSonny, I'm sure he'd love to take you on. <3
      I'll talk to him about it even, if you'd like.
    11. Joy
      Me too. =( I'd love to see the old site back up - even with Luraverse right around the corner. It's like an aching pain, realizing you wont be able to enjoy Lurapets again. I'm hoping to see old friends on sites like Paladore and Boopets though. (which, I think you should try working for one of those sites!)
    12. Mike
      LOL. This crap is like Shakespeare on steroids x_x.
    13. Mike
      LOL I know right. I have a chemistry test tomorrow that I'm studying for and I'm like uggghhhhh. Plus I still have to read this story for literature and it's written in like Middle English... wtf.
    14. Mike
      Ugh yeah I know what you mean x.x Especially after coming back after a 2 year hiatus. Plus college occupies SO much of my time. It's insane. Blah.
    15. Mike
      Holy crap yeah of course I remember you xDD. Yeah we haven't talked in forever x_x. How's everything?!
    16. Mike
      Yeah, this is Mike. xD Who's this?
    17. cpvr
      It's okay ^^
    18. cpvr
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