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Major News - Icepets is Losing its Ice

Discussion in 'Virtual Pets News' started by Rj, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. Hello users of Icepets!

    Wait, did we say Icepets?
    That's our old name, you can call us by our new name.
    ...oh, wait, we don't have one yet!

    That's right, we're going to be changing the name of Icepets, but we need your help. We'll leave this news post open for discussion, and for any suggestions or names that you might have for the site.

    So you're probably asking, why are you changing the name of the site in the first place?
    Well. We're changing our name so that we are not so restricted when adding features to the site. For example, with the name Icepets, we feel like we have to stick with the ice theme. We would like something more broad, something open that we can all work with. That way, we can bring in more universal updates and features!

    Name Regulations
    - Must not have 'pets' in it, or preferably, not at the end of the name.
    - Must not be restricting to one topic, such as Icepets.
    - We'll compile a list of the top names suggested here and have users vote on them later.

    Please note that only the name is changing.
    Your accounts will not be touched, and everything that is already added to Icepets, or is being added to Icepets, will remain here.
    What do you think about the name change, And do you have any suggestions?
    I think the change will benefit the site dramatically, And I'm thinking of a suggestion.

    It has been confirmed Icepets is no longer losing its Iceorigins virtual pet site origins kickstarter
    #1 Rj, Jun 16, 2012
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2012
    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter

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  2. Re: Major News - Icepets is Losing its Ice!

    This would be a major change for the site.
    Just going of now to suggest a name...
  3. Re: Major News - Icepets is Losing its Ice!

    Whoever posted that with Comic Sans, my eyes are bleeding now, oy. :(
  4. Re: Major News - Icepets is Losing its Ice!

    Sounds like a good idea however they may wish to look at adding a regulation such as the domain being available.
  5. Re: Major News - Icepets is Losing its Ice!

    Well, since its promised that items and accounts will remain untouched, but the name will be..

    But what about Ice-cubes? What's the point of collecting them anymore? Changing the site name might lead to a change of themes! If its not Icepets anymore.. I don't know, the ice-cube collection won't feel special to me anymore. :c
  6. Re: Major News - Icepets is Losing its Ice!

    I think this is an amazing change and idea. The name Icepets always sounded absolutely terrible to me and was one of the reasons I didn't like staying on the site. I'll have to think a bit to see if I can come up with anything.
  7. Re: Major News - Icepets is Losing its Ice!

    This is a good idea and I wish Icepets nothin butt the best of luck. As long they set up 301 redirects, users will be on the new domain in no time.

    They could try to buy the old domain for, but it might cost a bit.
  8. Re: Major News - Icepets is Losing its Ice!

    I was reading that this morning when I woke up, and the new rule change and then a bunch of other stuffs.
  9. Re: Major News - Icepets is Losing its Ice!

    I disapprove of this being done to the site. Like i said in there board for this.


    I know, you the staff, say you don't want any drama on the boards. But, i see this stirring up some problems here. I've noticed over half the people here have mostly said they like the name as it is already. And i like it as is as well to.
    I think changing it will end up making the site loose over half it's people over it. I mean, i like the theme you have here. But, that doesn't mean you have to stay in that theme. If you have ideas, then you should use them, but i don't think it should mean changing the site name because of it.
    You should be creative enough to figure how to work with things, and all that.
    But, i mean, it is your site, so do as you really wish to with it. But, just saying is all.
    I mean, i'll stick with you no matter what i guess, but i like the name ass is. And having to adjust to a new name no matter what it is, will be hard, as i'll want to keep going to the site known as "Icepets"
    I mean, i'd even made that DA account for Icepets.
    If Icepets, changes it's name, then what am i to do with that DA account thingy then?
    There is no way that know of as to how to change that. And i really don't want to have to go around to all my art i've made for Icepets and it's users and have to change the name on each one of them like that.

    I've been ok with allot of things you all have done around here, but this is one thing i'm not sure i'm ok with. I mean, you, the staff,, have honestly just been looking for an easy way out of things on this one for sure. But, i mean, this isn't something you should be looking to have an easy way out of.
    I mean, allot of popular pet sites out there, never did this, and managed to work around it all. They never changed for an easy way to do things.
    This i think is a bad idea all the way around.
    If i hadn't have put money into this site, i know that i wouldn't bother with staying if the name get's changed. The only reason why i'd be staying is due to the fact that i have put money into this site, and nothing more.

    Either way, i hope you might consider Not changing the site name.
  10. Re: Major News - Icepets is Losing its Ice!

    It's a mix of the latin words "Omnimodus" (universal) and "Bestia" (beast).... So... Universal Beasts.
    Just a spin off what you're trying to turn it into, you know?
  11. Re: Major News - Icepets is Losing its Ice!


    If your going to let a name change (some thing that has no effect of the game it's self) effect if you keep on playing I say the site is better off without because you proved your loyalty is as shallow as your outrage.

    Same goes for the others who quit because this. Let the REAL loyal player keep enjoying the site.
    #11 Corsair, Jun 16, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  12. Re: Major News - Icepets is Losing its Ice!

    Off topic.. but something is really bothering me >_>

    Am I missing something here? x'D

    I kinda like the name as it is too, it has a ring to it. I do wish them luck with their new name, though!
    Will redirect to whatever the new thing is? If not, I can see some people getting ready to snipe & profit off the old domain.
    If they do change, dA now has something where you can change usernames. If it's a group, I'm not sure how that works (haven't looked into that yet)
    #12 Pepper-Head, Jun 16, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  13. Re: Major News - Icepets is Losing its Ice!

    That's a nice way to talk to a supporter of Icepets. "Quit if you don't like it", you should try to figure out those problems, and fix them. And plus, as long as Claws sets up redirections and such, the site should be fine, but, your name is your name - like VPL, you think its just about pet sites, but we talk about a lot of things. A lot of Icepets' links will be screwed as well, and people have banners up on certain sites, would be screwed as well.

    And plus, there's so many things you could do with the name - a name change doesn't change the fact the site is still the same, users have the site bookmarked, why not implement new features, new worlds, under the same name? It sounds like you guys want to create a whole new pet site - with the lack of care towards your members.

    @Pepper-HeadPepper-Head nope?
    #13 cpvr, Jun 16, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  14. Re: Major News - Icepets is Losing its Ice!

    I was just thinking this the other day as I was playing your site.

    Great to see you opening up themes!
  15. Re: Major News - Icepets is Losing its Ice!

    First off I'm not a part of icepets any more get your facts straight and second he is the one who wants to quit no one is forcing him to. The site does not need him to tell them the staff is lazy and how to run their own site.
    #15 Corsair, Jun 16, 2012
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2012
  16. Re: Major News - Icepets is Losing its Ice!

    Hey corsair, she just gave her opinion on what is happening. Obviously we all know the staff is taking the easy way out, the question is it good or bad. You can see Lolly says it is hard for them to come up with ideas, so that is what they are doing, taking the easy way out because they've run into problems keeping themes while still making a good site. I personally agree with the name change, I can see where they are running into problems. That being said, she never called the staff lazy and if she has criteria that she will quit if the site isn't named Icepets and they change the name, they are forcing her to quit based on his personal taste. So no need to be rude to her for the way she feels.
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  17. Re: Major News - Icepets is Losing its Ice!

    There is no outrage, But ok.
  18. Re: Major News - Icepets is Losing its Ice!

    I don't think it's an easy way out. I think it is pretty hard to change a name, well a whole identity really. They've probably taken all pros and cons into consideration, and decided the pros outweigh the cons. I think it makes sense to move away from such a specific name, it becomes an anchor, not necessarily a good one, and they can open up new things without having to tie it to that.
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  19. Re: Major News - Icepets is Losing its Ice!

    Did they ever ask the users how they felt about this before they made their decision? If there was some kind of poll of the users ad they supported it in the majority I see no reason not to change, but it seems poor form to be blind siding their users if they didn't.
  20. Re: Major News - Icepets is Losing its Ice!

    NO one is forcing her to quit it's her choice. The staff is not taking the easy way out (IE being lazy) their making a change. Things change that's life and if you and the others don't like change then leave if you choose to. However until you walked a mile in a another man's shoes I don't think you can understand.

    I'm sick of users abusing staff more over the ones on icepets of all the sites that have had staff drama icepets is uncalled for. Yes they are not perfect but they DO care I saw the background goings on. They work VERY hard to keep the site running. Yes there has been some things I don't like which is why I left but their FAR FAR from being as bad as other sites that have had drama here on VPL.

    So why don't you guys cut them a fucking break.

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