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    Show off what you’re working on

    Some of these items and pets look really cool. :)
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    Duelingpets Release Candidate 1 [Started]

    After finishing up my last Duelingpets Iteration 4 coding, I am now able to finally start on the release candidate phase of my website. I am going to be looking into solving the current bugs that my website has, as well as making the website look a bit nicer. This version will most likely not...
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    Coffee or tea?

    I never really liked the taste of coffee all that much so I either drink either tea, water or milk. I drink mainly milk for the most part, though I do drink tea in the afternoons. Its kind of nice to be back here though. :) Just been doing a lot of tinkering on my website and now the site is...
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    Advertisements on pet sites

    In the current version of my website Duelingpets is setup with in game currency mechanics such as points and emeralds. Emeralds is the premium currency for my website. Currently I am not taking actual cash such as dollars from users. Can you explain to me Cpvr what an advertisement fee is? I am...
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    Make pages visible when they need to be

    When your designing a site some users go about their day locking off pretty much every feature behind a login functionality. The problem with this method is it makes it harder for guests who are coming to your site for the first time to get a sense of the place. While yes the homepage is...
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    Methods of making points

    One of the simplest ways to make points on my site is via user generated content. A player creates a pet, an item, a blog, artwork, music, or a video they will receive points in their pouch if their content gets approved.
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    What pet sites do you miss that are no longer online?

    I don't know many of the sites but some their artwork did look really cool. I wonder if there is a way to bring back some of those sites to life once again.
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    Advertisements on pet sites

    Pet site advertisements can be bit annoying at times depending on how they are done. The way I handle pet advertisements is through the use of journals. In the journals users can create up 3 large items, 5 smaller items, 1 mascot, 1 banner and music to go with it. The journals may contain any...
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    Welcome back VPL!

    Nice to meet you Tanya, its nice to see so many new people joining virtualpetlist.
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    My what a cute looking batty. *hugs you* I am a big fan of bat characters and your avatar looks really cute.
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    Hi there

    Mainly a couple of mario games, and megaman. Recently I got Bomberman 64 the second attack, its pretty cool and thanks. Sorry that I haven't been on lately. I have some new website changes that I can show off now. Currently I am working on getting the equipment section working.
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    Hi there

    Its coming along pretty good. Sorry that I wasn't able to get back to this till just now. I got a bit distracted with minecraft and played a few small games. Still I am happy to see the website is back up and running again. :) It definately is. It might be small, but I prefer small groups it...
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    So, what happened?

    I am kind of curious about these posts. Did the laptop remain stolen for 3 whole years? Also why was there no explanation on what exactly happened. Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook for all purposes were essentially dead for that time period. Why was there no message sent out as to what was going...
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    Hi there

    I am Boltgreywing I was on virtualpetlist prior to it going offline which was a couple years back. I am the game owner of the virtual petsite Duelingpets. I decided to check on this group again since I heard its back up and running. I remember there was a lot of really interesting articles back...