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Great for fans of the MLP art-style and horse lovers alike!
Pros: - Still active community after many years!
- Cute art! Very My Little Pony like
- Thousands of items! For useables, customization your ponies, and more!
- Contest system is neat! I enjoy the ability to make my own competitions for other ponies to participate in
- Countless color combinations with a HEX-color based breeding system
Cons: - Paid membership/subscription to continue playing
- Trial accounts (should you decide to not pay) cannot do much
- If not regularly logged in and taken care of, your ponies can die
- Allowance system is the only reliable way to earn money, although there are more options to earn money like competitions, quests, and selling your bred ponies, its not something as reliable as a flash or html game you can just send the score for to earn currency as needed like on other petsites
If you love MLP, breeding games, or community-run adoptable/art games through the forums then ponyisland is absolutely worth a try in my opinion. It's a sleek and responsive site with adorable art thats been around since 2010! With an active community still buzzing around on their forums to this day, it's a great pickup if you haven't given it a go yet.

Do note that upon signing up you will be given a Trial Account. This trial account has limitations and cannot access all features that paid accounts can, but they do still have enough access to the site to get a good idea of what its about. To gain access to the site, you must upgrade to their subscription of 6 or 12 months. Failure to subscribe will result in you no longer being able to play on your trial account, although you can still login and click around.

There is a good sense of progression; being able to slowly earn currency to upgrade your facilities, lower vetting and food costs for you ponies, unlocking genes for generated ponies and more you play through the game. There is an active community on the forums for idle chitchat and many adoptable shops if you enjoy collecting art/characters. You can also join an association which is similar to a guild on Neopets, they get their own private forum and its a great way to look for additional help, tips, and meet new people.

Along with being able to customize your pony with the many wearable items the game has to offer, they also have a unique tattoo system which allows you to make custom markings on the pony as well! Sort of similar to how Flightrising allows you to make custom skins. There are some cute examples of this the pony Scribbles, a mascot of one of the larger associations called PI Resources. You can see they have added a pencil mark on the flank of the pony and a part around the ankles that makes their hooves look like pencils.


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