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    Selling pets and items

    Thanks for the pet art, can't wait to see them on the petsite!
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    What do you look for in a pet game/breeding sim?

    To me the most important things are a friendly community and seeing regular efforts to improve the petsite.
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    Whats the last movie that you watched?

    Spencer Confidential on netflix
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    Subeta review by Jay Archer

    Looks like from their about page that number of accounts is up to 178k now, not sure what the daily players are.
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    I've always used PayPal, is Cashapp basically an improved paypal?
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    Timed restocks or random restocks

    Timed restocks to start with, random later if the competition gets too high for timed.
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    How did you find the first pet site that you’ve ever played?

    Not sure how I found it, but Neopets was my start 19 years ago. Either Marapets or Teripets next, probably by friend suggestion in those aim or msn chats.
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    Selling pets and items

    Is it just the images or with psd?
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    Selling pets and items

    What prices are the pets and items?