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    Game Monetization

    So far I had to disable in game donations to apply by Chicken Smoothie's rules. Adsense is going okay I guess
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    How many users does your game have?

    Since June 2018 when I well made it, I have showcased it on some discord servers, made a insta, twitter, reddit, wiki for it and soon a knowledge help desk base thingy, as well as promoted it on chicken smoothie, a small bit on wajas and xanje as well, would do it on fr but advertising stuff...
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    Hey everybody I'm new !

    Seeing other pet games like chicken smoothie and I wanted to make something unique and unusual,
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    What type of features does your game have?

    Adoption system, Hut ( Your pets adopted ) system, Sign up or sign in for main page Awesome bbcoding ! etc
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    What inspired you to create your own pet game?

    Games like Chicken Smoothie, Wajas, Mweor, Flight Rising etc etc and the urge to wanting to make a unique game!
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    Programming? Partners? Community?

    I own mine yes, but I have a wonderful co-owner who helps do the php side of it :)
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    Game Monetization

    Money donation (Ko-fi, Paypal) and Google Adsense?
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    Timed restocks or random restocks

    This doesn't exist yet for mine, however we have new adoptables every month if that counts ! :)
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    What type of server does your game have?

    It is being hosted on Altervista with PHPBB forums ! :)
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    How long did it take for your pet game to become profitable?

    It isnt profitable that much yet but may be getting there
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    How do you promote your virtual pet site?

    I promoted on Chicken Smoothie, a couple Discord servers I'm in, the gaming list, virtual pet list ( this one ), and possibly others alike Wajas & Xanje!
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    What ad companies do you use on your game?

    So far I am trying to use Google Adsense, A paypal donation thingy and Altervista's Advertising Program
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    How long has your pet game been around?

    Been around since June 2018. Never really had an alpha or beta testing mode I dont think?
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    How do I edit this aaaa