1. Scryptic

    Hello! I used to be obsessed with Nutrinopets!

    Hiya! I'm a new member to VPL. I discovered the site while looking up anything surrounding ye olde Nutrinopets, a pet website that ran from abour 2003 or 2005? To about 2009-10 when it suddenly shut down. I played Neopets back in 2001 as a tiny little lad but, my accounts always got frozen for...
  2. Polymori

    Yo! The name's Jack!

    Hey everyone! I'm probably not going to be crazy active as I've a ton on my plate; I DM for a PMD D&D campaign, am writing a novel, and work on a nuzlocke comic, but thout I'd finally get on here as well. I've always been big on virtual pets, like probably most people here, it started with...