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Ever lost a pet

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by cpvr, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. When I was younger, we had a family dog - he was mix-breed, but he was a german-shepherd and mixed with something else. Well, we had him for about 10 years or longer, and then one day we found out that he had cancer. So, we were suffering as a family with him. The hardest day ever for us when we decided to take him out of his misery and put him to sleep. It was so hard, he was like my brother because I was always with him - taking walks, feeding him, and playing catch sometimes.

    The thing that really hurt me was I didn't say goodbye to him on the day we put him to sleep.

    So, have you ever lost a pet? Such as, did it runeaway, did it pass away? Or what happened? It's so hard being close to an animal, and then "proof they're gone", it still hurts me to this day.

    How about you?
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  2. Well let me tell you about my cats

    My first cat suty, she was a very old cat, we had her a long time, she died of old age a long with arthritics and it made us so sad when she died and she was our first ever cat

    My second cat was patch, now this was a boy and we loved him to bits but we never controlled him as a kid and as a result he ran away

    We thought we had found him but it was not him which leads me onto patch the impostor, our 3rd cat, My parents new it was not patch but at the time I thought it was, one morning the cat never came back and when i was of to school in the morning, it was on the side of the road, it had been run over

    Now we are on our 4th cat - Pippa, we have had her for 4 years now i think, she is just a little kitten still to us, she's small compared to other cats, loves food (frozen pizza, yorkshire puddings etc) and is so playfull.

    So I have had my fair share of pet deaths in my family, and each one saddens me.
  3. I've had a lot of pets ):

    Rocky (dog): She actually passed away while I was on vacation... I was absolutely devastated when I found out. We had her since I was 3 years old.
    Lizzy (anole lizard), Lucy (hamster), Sabrina (hamster), Yogi (hamster): Old age
    Gizmo (hamster): ate leaf buds... apparently they're poisonous o_O
    Bruno (hamster): only lived on day (sick from the pet store)
    Domino (hamster): got out and never found him (though we did find his food stash a few years later)
    Cinnamon, Oreo, Charlie (hamsters): wet tail (common hamster sickness)

    I've loved every pet. Some people don't really care about hamsters because they aren't as "personable" as dogs or other pets (and they don't live all that long). Every little animal I've had has been full of personality and have their own little quirks. My first hamster, Lucy, even took naps with me. I was extremely hurt when she died as she was the only friend I had. I don't think I'll ever have another pet like her.
    My current little hamster, David, probably isn't going to live another year. I'll be sad when he's gone. I think he's had the most quirks of any pet I've ever had. If the pet store had maybe checked for lice on the poor things, he would probably live longer. I feel sad for the other hamsters sold who had lice as well, as their owners may not have taken the time and money to take them to a vet.
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  4. I lost my dog Sam back when I was in grade 10 during exam season. It really sucked losing a friend who was with me since I was 2 ... he was one of my best friends.

    I took that as an opportunity for me to start taking my original career path more seriously ... but yeah, I swapped from wanting to become a vet :p

  5. I've lost a lot of pets but just recently, we lost our dog, Sasha.

    She was such a cutie. She loved to sit in the car with my mom and sleep in there while she read. She loved to go for really really long walks all the time. She was a snuggler and every morning when my mom tried to wake me up for school, she'd sick the dog on me but the dog would just jump up on my bed, flop down and fall back asleep with me. Sasha loved my mom the most out of all of us but she was my best friend through the 10 years we had her. It was like those two were glued at the hip, ever since my mom had surgery, Sasha would always protect from anyone.

    Me and her used to sit together in the living room, watching tv or playing video games. She didn't like it when I didn't play gore filled games so she'd normally sleep through it but when I'd play Borderlands or another shooter with a bunch of blood, she would always smile and be happy. There was also a few occasions where she'd steal food from me.

    Lilith and Rue, even though we haven't had them for long(maybe about a year now), Sasha loved them. She'd always come in a few times a day, check on them and give Rue little kisses. There was even one time when she tried to snuggle with Lilith, she jumped into her cage and curled up around her house. I was freaking out since Lilith hated Dogs but everyone else was laughing at her.

    Sasha ended up getting really sick one day after she ate some food that we gave her from the table. After 2 days, we thought she was feeling better but when we came home from shopping one day, she was near the back door, barley alive. She was waiting for us to come home where she normally waits for us. We rushed her to the animal hospital but it was too late. She was dead on arrival. I was the one who had to carry her in. I was the first to bring her home 10 years ago and I was the final person to say goodbye and hold her for the last time. We don't really know if she died because of what she ate or if the vets speculation that she had a underlying heart problem was the cause, we didn't get a necropsy because we didn't want them to mess with her. We had her cremated and she's sitting on the mantle in the living room in the little box they put her in. I go and say hi to her everyday. I still miss her so much and it's so empty in this house without her.

    She died on May 15th, 2012. We miss her everyday. Our whole family was crushed when she died. My best friend came to visit me at the animal hospital and she broke down crying. Sasha was the closest thing to a dog she had. Everyone else who knew her was saddened as well. The rest of the week at school was so hard, everyone of my friends were sad from her death. She was loved by so many people.
  6. I lost my snail three times.

    Found him under my desk in a corner, all three times.

    I'm totally not joking. o__o

    My snail likes freedom. xD

    I haven't had any other pet before, so in that sense of "lost", then no. :)
    #6 Micky, Jul 3, 2012
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2012
  7. I've lost quite a few pets...

    Scraps was the toughest tom cat in the neighborhood. He never lost a fight! We grew up together; I was a baby and he was my kitten. In all those years he never scratched me or complained. Scraps was my buddy. Whenever I was sick Scraps never left my side, always sleeping nearby to keep me warm until I was well again. When I was outside so was he. He always came indoors when I came back from school. He died of old age at 18 years old.

    Captain was a white piebald cat with tabby ears and a tabby tail. He actually loved clothing and would wiggle into any shirts he could find, even if they were too big to fit. He was happiest when "all dressed up", parading around with his tail held high as if to say "I'm the prettiest!"and always so sad when the clothing invariably fell off. Against my warnings, the step mom put Captain outside and a chicken hawk carried him off. We lost no chickens, just my cat. I was not pleased, to put it mildly. I also left the country after that.

    Think of them as "mini kitties". They pretty much are! They preen like cats, climb like cats, learn to come when called, and sometimes even use the litter box! When I left the country I found I didn't have room or money for cats, so I got rats instead. Rats generally live 2 years.

    Pandora & Rose Marie were a pair of hooded females I got from a rescue. Their old owner joined the war in Iraq and couldn't take them with her. (Yes, girl soldier!) They were three years old at the time I got them and sweet as can be, even if not terribly active. They were a lot like an old couple and were always happiest when together, just resting and watching the world go by. Pandora died at age 4.5 of a tumor. I got Peeps to keep Rose Marie company, and she raised her like a daughter. They were so cute! Sadly, Rose Marie went senile around age 5 and died a few months later.

    Peeps & Calico were a hooded and a brown rat, respectively. Calico was strange: she was brown along the back, grey along her sides, and had a white belly sort of like a calico cat. Peeps loved watching Batman with me. Her favorite characters were Poison Ivy and the Riddler, but she always hid from Two Face even when she had seen the episode before. Calico was the most active rat I have ever seen! At age 2 she was climbing, running and jumping like a baby rat. Sadly, 2 years old is very old for a rat to be running like that, and Calico dislocated both her hind legs one day. She had to be put to sleep. Peeps had a stroke about a month after Calico died, followed by seizures due to the stroke. She died soon afterward.

    My current rats are Moon and Cinnamon. Moon is a very lazy self hooded rat with beautiful coral red eyes. She only comes out at night and likes people on her own terms. Most of the time, however, she would rather be sleeping than social. She's about seven months old. Cinnamon is a cinnamon hooded rat. She is very caring and always making sure everyone is OK. She also loves being outside her cage and sometimes will hang out on my shoulder while I'm working. Cinnamon is six months old.
  8. My frist dog Maggie died of bone marrow cancer when she was 7. :c It really sucked. She was the best dog in the world.

    And more recently, a puppy of ours named Minnie got out and got picked up by somebody. She's been missing since March, and I don't think we're gonna get her back...
  9. I have lost a bird, it got out of my bird cage and sat on the top of my aviary. It looked at me and I tried to catch it and it flew away. It was sad because his girlfriend had babies. :(
  10. A lot of tough loses here - how many people actually buried their lost pets though? @SirkowskiiSirkowskii I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope you're okay *huggles*
    #10 cpvr, Jul 4, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  11. @Sirkowskii Awww that's so sad :( I cried! -hugs-

    Thinking of the pet that I remember best which is the dog and 2 of the cats:

    Max was an ex-police dog, which my mum got cause she worked in the Blue Cross I think it was called. Max left England on a pet passport, but when we went back (I was born outside of England) even though the pet passport was in-date Max wasn't allowed to board the plane with it, he had to go into quarantine and meet us on the other side which took longer. They keep pets in for a length of time before you can get them back.

    And when we got him back, he wasn't the same anymore. He developed a brain tumour (my mum blames being in quarantine for this) and I remember the horrible fits he used to have where he would swing his head about and yelp like you'd stepped on him. He got put on medication but it was like it wasn't helping him it was just slowing down what was going to happen to him.

    So the vet came round to put him down and I remember he was laid on his side on the kitchen floor, legs out, and I was holding one of his paws and stroking it. And he got given this injection which put him to sleep, and I will always remember looking into his eyes until he closed them.

    Mulan died a week after her 9th birthday, she was Chichi's twin sister.

    I was watching Britain's Got Talent on the 25th April 2009, Sunday night, programme started at 7pm and finished at 8pm. At 7:30pm there was a knock on the door and I went to answer it and it was one of the neighbours and he said to me 'One of your cats has been hit by a car, she's lying in the road' my first thought was OMG Chichi! Ran down the footpath cause there was a footpath to the road and looked up the road and saw Mulan laid in the road on her side, and some other people from the street were gathered round her.

    Ran straight over and sat in the road with her (didn't think of cars at this point) and I took hold of her face and looked into her eyes and I kept saying over and over 'Mulan look at me, look at me Mulan', cause her eyes were shooting left and right and left and right. And a couple of cars came up the street but these neighbors were getting them to turn round and go back cause of Mulan being in the road, one of them went running down the end of the street to try and get the vet (which was at the end of the street) and then another one rang my mum up and said what had happened, who then said to get her into the house and off out the road.

    And when I went to pick her up and her back end wasn't how it was supposed to be, the bones were smashed to bits cause she was just 'squishy'. Picked her up and got her in the house, still calling her name (cause that's what you do with people so I thought that was what you were supposed to do with pets) and getting her to look at me, she was still breathing and had the darting eyes. This was 7:45pm cause I looked at the clock. Then my mum got back and phoned the vet and the vet said he couldn't get to us until about 8:15pm and my mum said 'I don't think she'll be alive that long.' and 15min later, 8pm, she passed away.

    These are the last photos taken of Mulan, taken earlier on the day she died:

  12. yup it's awful :(
  13. We had a dalmatian puppy when I was about 4...we had her until I turned 16. She injured her spine while jumping off the couch, and had to be put down. It was the worst day of my life yet. She was like my sister, and I miss her so much to this day. <3
  14. All of my hamsters and lizard are buried up on a hill behind my house (well, all but two hamsters)... we weren't allowed burry our dog (some law about large animals vs property size or something like that).
  15. Yes, sadly I have, in the literal sense. :( Even thinking about it now upsets me a little. Her name was Candy and she was an elderly tabby cat. She ran away a few Christmases ago and I went out for days in the freezing cold putting up posters on lampposts hoping someone would find her. The road and pavements were so icy; because of the black ice I slipped a few times. But my perseverance didn't pay off, sadly. She never returned, nor did I ever receive any response. Some government sod took down a lot of my posters soon after I put them up. What a cold-hearted swine. :mad:

    I imagine it's much better to know that your pet died in a warm home than in the cold winter weather. Not knowing the truth makes it ten times harder.
  16. Thanks @cpvrcpvr and @SpunkiSpirouSpunkiSpirou <3 <3. It is hard, especially for my mom since when I'm gone and my step dad is at work, she doesn't have anyone. I mean, we have the guinea pig but they aren't exactly like a dog no matter how much they snuggle, lick, run around in circles or hide behind the toilet.

    We're considering getting another dog soon because we know Sasha would want us to move on and be happy. The new dog will never replace her, never ever, but we'd have a new little girl or boy to love and raise and hope they would be an amazing dog. The only problem is that our family is going to Las Vegas sometime later in the summer and my mom doesn't want to have to send a little puppy to my Aunt's house for 2-3 weeks, which I can understand. As much as I'd love to go to Vegas and everything, to meet my nephew and finally meet my brother, I'm not too keen on the idea mostly because I can't stand planes. I just can't ride one without having a panic attack and freaking out. So, if it comes down to it, I'll stay home and talk to my parents about getting a puppy and I can take care of him while they are gone and keep training 'em. Maybe I'll teach the puppy to steal socks or let the guinea pig ride on it's back (Sasha used to let Rue ride on her all the time and snuggle with her, she kept trying to eat Lilith cause Lilith is nice and fat lols).

    Like...It's really hard for me to stay in the house (which is why I'm out until 3-4 am now) because I don't have Sasha around. It's even harder when I have panic attacks or anxiety attacks, Sasha would normally come and calm me down. Now it's just...non stop crying for 2 hours and ripping hair out. That's another reason why I do want another dog. Mostly because it's empty here and guinea pigs don't understand when people are sad, they just assume your making more water for their water bottles and will fill it with your tears (at least that is what I think Rue thinks...To be honest I don't want to know what she thinks because she's a crazy piggy).
    #16 Sirkowskii, Jul 6, 2012
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  17. You're welcome. <3
    That's the same way I felt about my dog, Jake. He can never be replaced, but you can love another. My sister got us a puppy - well my mom did a few months ago. At first, I didn't really like him, but now I've grown to love him. I let him sit on my lap when I go in the backyard, and I rub his hair and everything. And toss the tennis ball sometimes so he can get some exercise. I've always missed playing catch with Jake when I was growing up. He was such a wonderful dog. I wish I had pictures of him and I together, but we never took any. My nana has a few pictures of him though, so next time I go to Florida and see her, I'll take some copies.
    #17 cpvr, Jul 6, 2012
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  18. I have a few pictures of Sasha. None of me and her cause I hate getting my picture taken but my sister took a bunch of pictures of her.

    She liked it when we colored her head with marker cause she was getting paid attention too (don't worry, it was washable marker). We used to color her head for different holidays and she loved it. We colored her blue cause we were in a blue mood.

    She was so fluffy. We thought she looked like a cross between a Ewok, Wookie and Lady Gaga.

    My sister and Sasha out for a walk. She's not blood related to me haha. We were a rescue host family for her when she came over from Germany for a year and she got close to us so we adopted her and her and her family are like family to us now.
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  19. @SirkowskiiSirkowskii Is that last photo in USA? It looks like the street Malcolm lives on. And awwww that dog is adorable, I'll have to re-read the post above now cause now there's like a picture of the dog its like better - if you know what I mean by that?
    #19 SpunkiSpirou, Jul 6, 2012
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  20. @SpunkiSpirouSpunkiSpirou

    Haha. I understand what you mean x]. Yeah, it's in the USA. New York state in the summer. Us Buffalonians aren't used to super hot weather and it's been nothing but hot here. Give us 3 feet of snow any day lols.
    #20 Sirkowskii, Jul 6, 2012
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