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    Intro to Fuzz

    Welcome to the community @Fuzzball! What pet sites are you currently playing?
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    Welcome back @Pure09! What open source engine are you using for your art rpg? Also, what are your thoughts on the current state of virtual pet sites?
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    Welcome back @Corsair! I hope all is well! What have you been up to lately?
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    omg yall alive

    Welcome back @sidefury! What inspired you to create your own browser based game? I’m looking forward to hearing more about your game in the near future! :)
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    Yo! The name's Jack!

    Welcome to the community! @Polymori What type of pet site are you planning to make? Will it be similar to neopets or like aywas & flight rising? Also, have you worked for any pet sites as an artist?
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    Coffee or tea?

    You’re welcome! Do you like honey with you tea too or not really?
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    I'm Julia

    Ahh! What are the main things that you dislike regarding neopets’ new app? Also, you’re welcome! Are you currently active on other pet games?
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    Nice! What are your thoughts on cash app’s “Investing” feature? Do you use it or not really?
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    Looking for partner

    Good luck! @Altair
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    I'm Julia

    Welcome back to the community! How’s everything going for you? What are your thoughts on Neopets’ new mobile app?
  11. Wauies


    Wauies is an unadulterated animal game where fun awaits you in this fur-filled browser pet game game! After all, in Wauies, you’ll have the one-of-a-kind opportunity to open your pet shop, full of fluffy kittens and playful puppies. If you like dog games and cat games, you will love Wauies. Take...
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    How did you find the first pet site that you’ve ever played?

    So, I started playing pet sites in 2003-2004 and I found my first pet site that I’ve played on Virtual Pets Blog After finding the first pet site that I’ve ever played, I found more pet games on Apex Web Gaming - Rankings - All Sites How did you find the first pet site that you’ve ever...
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    If it’s after 14 days, then you’re unable to enter a referral. Enter the referral code of the person who invited you to Cash App to receive your bonus Besides cash app, are you using any other payment method sites?
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    How long did it take for your pet game to become profitable?

    Your game will get there soon. Just stay focused and continue to add new things to your game.😃 Also, try to advertise your game as much as possible on social media.
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    How many users does your game have?

    Nice! How long has your game been online and what have you done so far to attract new users?😃