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    Selling items artist for hire.

    Hi Liz, I'll shoot you a PM
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    Selling items artist for hire.

    I run No worries on the ice cream! What would you charge for the emojis?
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    Selling items artist for hire.

    Would you maybe be open to doing an emoji set? I really love the ice creams, I just have no idea what I'd use them for on my site. Are you maybe willing to sell part of them instead of all of them?
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    Buying Programmer for Pet Features

    Faenaria is looking for a reliable programmer to finish up some projects that have been in limbo since late last year. We have continually run into the issue of programmers flaking after agreeing to do the work. I have a fixed budget and clear instructions for what I'm wanting. I do not pay in...
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    Creature Artist/Colorist for Hire

    Just want to say that Skellri has done wonderful work for Faenaria and that we will be continuing to work with her in the future. She's very professional and her designs are always high quality! I highly recommend her!
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    Updated the information. I might be open to doing avatar work as well. But it would be in a similar shading style.
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    Looking for pet artist

    I highly recommend @Travis He's completed two separate commissions from me and both were great transactions. I'll be using him more in the future as well.