Eliyo - Need Item Artist (Closed)


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Feb 24, 2020
United States
Update: Job has been completed. Thank you.

I'm looking for an item artist that can create about a dozen wooden statues that look like our animal creatures for Eliyo.

Something like this is the idea. And I would be interested in getting a stone re-textured version of them all as well.

Some actual items from Eliyo that these items should align with.

I also need a couple wooden toys.
  • Recreation of the old fashion dog wood but using a floppy eared Zorvic.
  • Pile of wooden blocks, Eliyo themed instead of letters
  • Spinning top painted like the old fashion tops
  • Block pieces shapes a painted with plain colors
If interested you can contact me on here or by email (chaiimstudios@gmail.com). Thanks!
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