How many ads are too many on pet sites?

Personally, I think any ad is too many. So for people like me, there needs to be a paid option to get rid of ads. Unless the ads are about upgrades for the game.
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I think ads are beneficial to pet sites as long as they’re not too intrusive and users have the option to remove them via account upgrades. Having an extra source of revenue can help site owners hire more staff members to work on the game and give them the opportunity to do more things that they couldn’t do prior. Also, I’d say 2-3 advertisements per page should be the max especially if they’re using google adsense.
A website's ability to make money from advertisements is an excellent thing, but it's essential to balance monetization with user experience. Overwhelming users with advertisements might be damaging to their experience as a whole. For instance, persistent pop-up advertisements may severely hamper gameplay and make browsing unpleasant. Excessive advertising can also make sites load slowly, which can irritate users and possibly drive them away from the website completely.