Subeta review by Jay Archer


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Feb 7, 2020
Do you like dress up games and pet sites? Subeta is that site for you. As someone on the site I enjoy it greatly. It has a collecting system as well as pets and worlds to explore. It also has games to play if you're bored with exploring.

Starting on September 17 2006 Subeta was started as a fun safe place for people of the LGBT community. As an artist myself the artwork for the site is beautiful. To me it looks cartoon-ish but not too much. The furs, scales hair, etc are beautify shaded and toned. The item style I find absolutely breath taking. The colors for them defiantly suit the style the artist for the item was aiming for. With over 63 thousand items and 334 thousand pets on this site you'll always find something you're looking for.

The currency for the site is called SP, meaning SubetaPoints which is the basic currency you can easily earn. CSC is a currency you must by with actual cash. CSC means Cash Shop Credits. Each user on the site can have their own shop. And set different items for different prices with either Sp or CSC. Some people on the site make CW. Or Custom Wearable. Where users make their own items and sell them for either SP or CSC. The makers of CWs can sell their work in their own shops as well. Everyone has their own shop. So they can sell their clothes, items and CWs.

Since there are 130 thousand users on Subeta there are forums where you can go and talk to people. There are many forums as well on the site. There are the announcements, to q and as to general talking. You meet all kinds of people in the forums or you find useful information. There is also a shout box on the side to say hello to the whole site.

There are also events that go on, especially holidays. Such as Luminaire which is Christmas but it goes on all of December, Fireside that is Thanksgiving, Morostide or aka Halloween, Vesnali which I assume is Easter. And of course the Subeta Anniversary! Which is September 17

. During these events everyone has a chance to get an item or to give an item. One of the events you can throw snow balls at each other or dance with them. There's always something going on on Subeta.

There is a total of nine major regions. There are The Arctic Forest, Centropolise, Darkside, Delphi, Omen Island, Riverside, The Sacred Lands, Shadowglen, and Veta. Each of these regions you can explore.

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